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Burr Coffee Grinder BG200

The Duronic BG200 coffee grinder is the newest grinder in our range. This grinder is different from our others as it is a burr grinder; rather than chopping coffee beans, this grinder functions by grinding coffee beans between two rotating burr blades. The burr blades grind slower than other electric grinders, which means that any heat transfer to the beans is kept to a minimum which helps to preserve the flavour, aroma and natural oils in the ground coffee.
The size of the coffee coarseness can be adjusted according to the degree of fineness, so you can decide for yourself which kind of coffee you want to enjoy. Whether it's a fine degree for making espresso, or a coarser degree of grinding that is ideal for enjoying coffee from the French press.

BG200 features

35 Grind Settings

Suitable for all of your coffee grinding needs, this electric grinder is equipped with 35 grinding options to choose from. The options range from fine to coarse.

The coarseness of the coffee grind must be adapted to the type of coffee and coffee machine you intend to use.

Different Portion Sizes

The BG200 coffee grinder allows you to control the amount of coffee you grind, based on the cups of coffee you want to prepare.

The dial is in segments of seconds, each 10 seconds will produce enough ground coffee 2 shots of coffee/espresso. The maximum you can prepare at a time is 12 portions.

Easy to Clean After Use

The BG200 burr grinder comes with a double-ended measuring spoon and cleaning brush.

By removing the upper container, you have access to the millstones, thus facilitating cleaning with the practical brush.

We recommend cleaning the grinders regularly, so as not to alter the flavour of the coffee.

Powerful Grinder

The BG200 grinds the coffee in such a way that avoids altering the aroma or taste of the roasted beans, guaranteeing an irresistible flavour in every cup.

In addition to this, the conical burr blades ensure that beans are ground down to an even consistency quickly and precisely using the 200-watt motor.


The bean container holds up to 200g of roasted beans. This is enough for several days if you drink fresh coffee every day.

The grounds collection container holds up to 120g of ground coffee before needing to be decanted into another container, and the measuring spoon holds 7g of ground coffee which is exactly what you need to make one shot of coffee.


The compact design of this burr grinder makes it easy to store away when not in use, however, as it also looks aesthetically pleasing it will also fit in with other appliances on your kitchen worktop as a permanent addition.

The overall size of the grinder is 26 x 12.8 x 18.3 cm.

Grinding TypeBurr
Grinding Options35
Coffee Bean
Container Capacity
Caters forMakes up to 12 cups of espresso/coffee
Dimensions26 x 12.8 x 18.3cm
Cable Length120cm