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The Duronic LS501 is a portable digital tape measure for recording measurements of your chest, waist and hips
Keep a record of measurements of your body and track back to your saved reading to see how much change there is in the reading.
The LS501 is equipped with a highly accurate sensor to read the correct measurement every time. It has a clear blue backlight display to allow you to clearly view the screen
There is a women's icon on the screen. This lights up the chest, waist, and hips on the image to identify the different measurement areas. You will be able to save 1 reading of each area. This helps so you can either track the reading to your last measurement or track your progress according to your first reading.
Measures in cm and inches. Height: 7.4cm, Width: 6.65cm, Depth: 3.85cm. Powered by 2X AAA batteries (supplied)