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ERGONOMIC ANTI-FATIGUE MAT: Standing for long periods of time in the same spot can be tiresome and leave you feeling stiff and achy. With the FT01 anti-fatigue mat standing while you work will no longer feel as laborious as is used to. The cushioned mat provides relief in the toes and arches of your feet, along with reducing strain placed upon your lower joints such as your ankles, knees and hips.
STRETCH OUT AND FLEX STIFF TIRED MUSCLES: This anti-fatigue mat is filled with features that are made to cater to specific areas of your feet. On the front of the mat is a central support ramp which allows you to rest and stretch out the front of your feet and toes. In addition to this, the front support pad can be used to stretch out the soleus and hip flexors. The ramp on the back of the foot mat provides an area to gently stretch out the calves
IMPROVE CIRCULATION: When standing for long periods of time, being on this mat’s varied terrain encourages active small movements throughout the day and helps maintain the feeling of a gentle workout. Along the front on top of the ramps are some raised ridges which provide some relief from itching or to give gentle stimulation to the sole of the foot.
ACUPRESSURE POINTS: The thick cushioned standing mat helps to absorb daily impact on muscles and joints, leaving you feeling more agile and less stiff and achy at the end of each day. On each side of the mat are foot-shaped nodules which massage and apply gentle pressure in the areas of the foot where you need it most.
SPECIFICATIONS: Ideal for kitchens, garages, offices, standing desks, long work shifts, kitchen work.