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Short Product Description

DECEIVINGLY SMALL SOLAR POWERED RADIO: This small solar powered radio has many nifty features. This ECOHAND AM FM radio has clear sound, good reception and can tune into both AM/FM bandwidths. It has two easy to control rotary dials: one for tuning into a station, the second for volume control. If you have trouble tuning into your favourite station, simply extend the aerial and re-position it until you find crystal clear sound.

AM FM RADIO THAT CHARGES BY WIND-UP: The ECOHAND is a wind up radio and torch, which makes it perfect for emergency use or just for when you are not near any form of electrical power. This portable radio can go from home to outdoor adventure with no fuss, all you have to do is remember to take it with you. It comes with a female USB/DC cable which enables you to plug your phone charging cable into it for emergency use.

PORTABLE SOLAR RADIO: Take this solar powered radio along with you on all of your adventures. It’s perfect for camping, glamping, fishing, hiking, walking, trips to the park or beach, or even beside the pool on holiday. The ECOHAND wind up radio is also the perfect companion for the garden shed or garage when working on your hobbies, or just around the house. It’s also great to have simply for emergencies like power cuts.

LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE WIND UP RADIO: Small, compact and portable this solar powered radio measures just 13.5cm x 7cm x 4cm making it perfect to take out and about with you. It’s lightweight too at just 176g so you’ll hardly notice it’s in your bag!

SPECIFICATIONS: AM FM radio with analogue dial. 3.5mm headphone jack socket. Reception scope of the FM: 88-108 MHz. Reception scope of the AM: 530-1650KHz. Internal built-in battery: 80mAh/3.6V. When fully charged the battery will give you 2.5 hours playback time. Charging Times: Cranking/wind up 1 minute = 10 minutes radio OR 30 minutes light.

Enhanced Description

EchoHand AM/FM Radio

Sometimes basic is best. With the Ecohand we have kept things simple to bring you an incredibly well built and reliable pocket-sized radio that has all the basic features you could need.

Its small lightweight design makes it convenient to tuck away in your pocket when out and about, so you can take your music with you wherever you go. It has good quality sound output and great reception with the ability to pick up both AM and FM stations easily using the extendable antenna.

The key feature of this portable radio is its built-in LED flashlight which is handy to have in times of need, for instance, when there is a power cut or while you are outdoors camping. With just a touch of a button, you’ll have a bright light to see you through the darkness and beyond.

The ECOHAND can be charged in 2 different ways making it versatile and ready for any eventuality. Because of its ingenious charging abilities, this multi-purpose radio/flashlight can be charged at any time, wherever you are, so you will never have an uncharged radio. For general use, charging the radio by power adapter is best as it’s quicker and can be done at your convenience. And for those moments when you unexpectedly run out of power when you urgently need it, simply crank the handle for a minute to get a whole 10 minutes of playback.

Use Anywhere and Everywhere - The perfect companion for taking on camping trips, hiking expeditions or days out, the ECOHAND will let you tune into your favourite stations and enjoy while you’re on the go. Moreover, this radio isn’t just for popping in your pocket; it can be used around the home and garden to keep you company while you go about your daily tasks.

Be Prepared for The Unexpected - Have you thought of adding a wind-up radio or torch to your emergency kit? If you find yourself isolated or without power then you’ll wish you had a radio like the ECOHAND to be able to listen to weather warnings and emergency broadcasts. Additionally, the flashlight will be very useful to provide light when there is no power. The best part: as this radio doesn’t require additional batteries, you can add it to a kit bag and forget about it. It will still be ready to use straight from the bag with just a bit of cranking to charge it up.


EchoHand Features:

Always with Power

Never miss a game result or your favourite song because of an empty battery. This radio will not leave you stranded without charge; if the power runs low, and you are unable to charge by power adapter, simply crank the handle for 1 minute to get 10 minutes playback time.

Having a wind-up option is useful for getting emergency information at times when there is no power. Why not add one of these radios to your emergency kit or keep one in the car, just in case you ever need it?

Easy to Use

Using the Ecohand couldn't be easier; every dial and button is clearly labelled and is easy to use. On the side of the body, there are two dials: one to switch the radio on/adjust the volume, the second dial allows you to tune into different radio stations.

You can select between AM and FM bandwidths by flicking the little white switch on the top of the radio. The other white switch is for the flashlight.

Take With You Anywhere

Small and compact, this radio will fit neatly into your pocket, glove box or tucked into a bag. It's lightweight too so you'll never feel the burden of carrying it on your walks and travels.

At fully charged this radio will play for 2.5 hours, however you can also use it while plugged in for uninterrupted audio.

If you're caught without charge, recharge on-the-go by cranking/wind-up, 1 minute of winding will give you 10 minutes of audio.

Listen in Private

Tune into your favourite radio stations on AM and FM bands, simply by rotating the tuning dial. If you are in an area where the reception is poor, simply extend the aerial to pick up a better signal.

We have included a headphone socket to allow for personal listening. The headphone jack is a standard 3.5mm size so will fit most headphones.

Emergency Flashlight

This radio is combined with an LED flashlight that can be switched on by the top of the radio.

Having a torch can be useful in many circumstances, but it's especially useful in power cuts and emergency situations.

If charged by cranking/wind-up, 1 minute of winding will give 30 minutes of power to the torch.

Where Will You Take Yours?

To the top of the road or the top of a mountain, this little companion will go everywhere with you to provide enjoyment and assistance when you need it the most. It can fit in your bag alongside your hiking essentials, or slip into your backpack when you're going for a wander around town.

The Ecohand radio is perfect for taking along on picnics, camping trips, long walks, fishing and holidays.