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Apex AM/FM Radio

Absolutely packed with features, the Duronic Apex is a little gem of a radio that you'll want to take with you on all your adventures.

Slightly larger in size than our other two models (the Hybrid and Ecohand) the Apex is still very portable and lightweight, but unlike the others has a whole host of extra features that make it truly novel.

The compact design of this radio makes it convenient to tuck away in your pocket when out and about, so you can take your music with you wherever you go. It has good quality sound output and great reception with the ability to pick up both AM and FM stations easily using the extendable antenna. The Apex has an extra long extendable telescopic 37cm antenna which allows a better reception of the radio, even in difficult environments.

But by far one of its best features is its diverse charging capabilities; able to be charged in 3 different ways, this radio is truly versatile and ready for any situation. Because of its ingenious charging abilities, the Apex can be charged at any time, wherever you are, so you will never have an uncharged radio. The sky-facing solar panel ensures that as long as it's sat in daylight it will charge; simply place on a windowsill and it will automatically charge without you having to lift a finger. Alternatively, if you’re after a quicker charge you can plug it in using the accompanying USB cable. And for those moments when you unexpectedly run out of power, simply crank the handle for a minute to get up to a whole 27 minutes of playback.

The best bit about having so many charging options – there is no battery waste! No need to buy, change or discard batteries over and over again. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon footprint AND save money on batteries.

We called this model 'Apex' for a reason: it’s the top of our range and better than all the rest. It doesn’t have just one function, it has an impressive five functions:

Radio: Superior in sound quality, this radio has two speakers for even better sound. It has a back-lit digital display that will show which station you are tuned into.
Clock: When you're not adjusting the radio frequency the digital display will show the time.
Flashlight: Not one, but three LED bulbs have been built in to provide an extra bright torch on dark evenings.
Alarm Clock: Set to your desired time and the Apex’s alarm will gently wake you up with the sounds of your favourite radio station. It will certainly give you the get-up-and-go feeling to boost and motivate you for the day ahead.
Phone Charger: The Apex also has the ability to add some charge to a mobile phone with the USB cable provided. It cannot give a full charge, but it can partially charge to provide enough power to make emergency phone calls.
Use Anywhere and Everywhere - The Apex radio is the perfect companion for taking on camping trips, beach excursions, hiking expeditions or family days out as it will let you tune into your favourite stations to enjoy while you’re on the go. Moreover, this radio isn’t just for popping into your pocket; it can be used around the home and garden to keep you company while you go about your daily tasks.

Be Prepared for The Unexpected - Have you thought of adding a wind-up radio to your emergency kit? If you find yourself isolated or without power then you’ll wish you had a radio like the Duronic Hybrid to be able to listen to weather warnings and emergency broadcasts. The best part: as this radio doesn’t require additional batteries, you can add it to a kit bag and forget about it! It will still be ready to use straight from the bag with just a bit of cranking to charge it up.


By Wind-Up

Never miss a game result or your favourite song because of an empty battery. This radio will not leave you stranded without charge; if the power runs low, and you are unable to charge by sunlight or USB, simply crank the handle for 1 minute to get 20 minutes playback time.

Having a wind-up option is useful for getting emergency information at times when there is no power. Why not add one of these radios to your emergency kit or keep one in the car, just in case you ever need it?

By Sunlight

Simply leaving this radio on a windowsill will keep it charged up for the next use.

You can tell if it is in a spot that's getting enough light by the 'charge' light on the front which will light up while it's charging.

Charging by solar panel can take a little longer, but it's a great way of keeping the power consistently topped up.


Using the USB cable provided, the radio can also be charged via USB connection to a PC, phone charger or a standard USB power adapter.

This is ideal if you want to use the radio plugged in at home, or if you want to charge it up quickly before you take it out somewhere.

A fully charged battery will give around 7 hours of playback time.

Bright LED Torch

Ideal for night-time explorations or camping trips, this LED torch offers a bright light without the worry of batteries ever going flat on you. It takes just one minute to wind up for 36 minutes of power, making it a valuable addition to any trip - even if it's just a trip up to the loft!

Using the Apex couldn't be easier; every dial and button is clearly labelled and is easy to use.

Listen in Private

Tune into your favourite radio stations on AM and FM bands, simply by rotating the tuning dial. If you are in an area where the reception is poor, simply extend the aerial to pick up a better signal.

We have included a headphone socket to allow for personal listening. The headphone jack is a standard 3.5mm size so will fit most headphones.

Back-lit Digital Display

The Apex has a digital display with a built-in blue LCD back-light for easy operation in a dark environment. By selecting a mode with the buttons on the top of the radio, you can display either a digital clock, alarm time or the radio frequency.