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Short Product Description

WHAT CAN BE MADE USING THE AIR FRYER GRILL? The air fryer grill includes three versatile cooking accessories: an outer tray, an inner basket, and a grill plate. The inner tray and basket are perfect for making chips, pasta bakes, and baking pies, while the grill plate is ideal for grilling vegetables, chicken, and fish. With these features, the electric airfryer health grill enables you to prepare a wide range of meals and snacks using a single appliance.

HEALTH GRILLS WITH TOUCH CONTROL PANEL – The electric air fryer grill boasts a powerful 1900W capacity, ensuring rapid and efficient cooking. Its intuitive touch screen panel is equipped with four pre-set temperatures, six pre-set functions and manual control options allowing you to cook in accordance to your preferences. Enjoy powerful and convenient experience with this airfryer oven.

AIR FRYER GRILLS WITH 6 PRE-SET FUNCTIONS – These six functions can be found on the touch screen panel of the electric air fryer grill. They comprise AIR FRY, ROAST, DEHYDRATE, REHEAT, DEFROST, and BAKE. Each function on the health grill comes with pre-programmed temperatures and timers optimised for various cooking and BBQ grilling tasks. However, you still retain the flexibility to adjust these settings to accommodate your specific requirements and preferences.

SAFETY FEATURES WITH INDOOR BBQ GRILL – The air fryer grill features safety measures to ensure optimum security during use. If the lid gets lifted while food is cooking, the health grill automatically shuts off. Once the lid is closed, the airfryer grill resumes grilling to maintain safety standards. Three beeps signal the end of the cooking process. The air fryer grill transitions into a keep warm mode, preserving the food's warmth and preventing overcooking until the lid has been opened.

SPECIFICATIONS - This air fryer grill boasts a powerful 1900W capacity, along with six pre-set functions and four quick start settings for effortless cooking. Its intuitive touchscreen panel simplifies operation, while three inner trays, baskets, and a BBQ grill offer versatility in meal preparation for dinner parties. With dimensions of 27(H) x 39.7(W) x 42(D) cm, it provides ample cooking space while remaining compact on your countertop.

Enhanced Description

Duronic Air Fryer Grill FG19

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Experience healthier cooking with the Air Fryer Grill & eliminate cooking with excess oil or smoke. With 3 grill inserts, enjoy versatile cooking using one appliance. Featuring easy temperature control, a 120min timer 4 pre-set modes and dishwasher safe inserts, this air fryer grill is a must have.

Air Fryer Grill FG19 Features...

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Healthy Easier Cooking with the Air Fryer Grill

With this Air Fryer Grill, savour healthier meals without sacrificing flavour. Easily grill meat, fish, and vegetables without fire, extra oil, or smoke, making delicious, nutritious cooking simple.

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Versatile Cooking with Electric Air Fryer Grill

The air fryer grill includes a grill plate, cooking basket and roasting tin. This versatile multicooker lets you cook anything from lasagne, roast chicken to burgers and steak.

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Even Cooking with Air Fryer Grill Technology

The air fryer grill features consistent airflow with heating coils and a fan that evenly circulates air, ensuring food is cooked evenly.

The Air Fryer Grill is a healthier cooking option. It removes the need for extra oil, fire, or smoke. It's a versatile multicooker featuring a grill plate, cooking basket, and roasting tin. With consistent heating and airflow, this air cooker is perfect for like lasagne, veg or even cakes.

FG19 Air Fryer Grill LED Control Panel Features...


Air Fryer Grill Temperatures

The Air Fryer Grill offers a wide temperature range from 50 to 230 degrees, providing versatile cooking options with precise temperature control.


Versatile Cooking Times

This electric multicooker offers extended cooking times with a 120-minute timer, allowing for up to 2 hours of continuous cooking in one setting.

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Quick Select Features

The air fryer grill features 4 quick-select options for easy temperature and timing adjustments, streamlining cooking and reducing preparation time.

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Powerful 1900W Air Fryer Grill

The air fryer grill, with its powerful 1900W, ensures even, consistent cooking. It also includes a pause/restart feature increasing convenience.

6 preset modes for versatile cooking on the Air Fryer Grill 

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  • Air Fry
  • Roast
  • Bake
  • Fast Cook
  • Defrost
  • Reheat

With this multicooker, Air Fry chips, nuggets without needing extra oil, Roast chicken, steak or even potatoes. Bake cakes, cookies and brownies too. For toasties, garlic bread, appetizers , this grill features fast cook. With this air fryer grill, defrost frozen food or reheat precooked food.

Cleaning the FG19 Air Fryer Grill


Easy to wash parts

The air fryer grill plates are designed for easy cleaning, featuring a double-sided brush included for added convenience. They can be easily cleaned in the sink using warm water, soap, and the brush.


Dishwasher Safe

The inner food trays are dishwasher-safe, providing added convenience for effortless cleaning after use. This feature ensures quick and thorough maintenance of the air fryer grill.