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Versatile Cooking Modes

Sync Cook

Sync Cook mode uses both cooking Zones to either cook both drawers of food on the same temperature and time, or allows you to use the larger AFD1 drawer* to cook food in. *AFD1 sold separately

Sync Finish

The Sync Finish mode allows you to cook different foods in each Zone compartment which may require a different time or temperature to each other.

4 Functions to Choose From & 6 Pre-Set Modes 


Quick Cook Function

Cook hot snacks in just 5 minutes!


Pre-Heat Function

Pre-Heat the trays to get frozen food off to a quick start


Reheat Function

Enjoy yesterday's leftovers with the reheat function


Dehydrate Function

Create healthy snacks with the Dehydrate function

Additional Features

Lamps and Transparent Windows

To check on the progress of your food at any time, press the button for Lamp 1 or Lamp 2. Then peek through the windows to see how it's doing!

Non-stick Coating

The inner tray is easily removed from the cooking drawer and cleaned. We advise you not to use metal utensils when cleaning the tray.

Dishwasher Safe

Both the drawers and inner trays are dishwasher safe - cleaning up has never been easier!

Dimensions and Capacity

The overall unit measures 39x37.7x32.5cm and should fit comfortably on any standard kitchen worktop. Each cooking drawer has a 4.5L capacity.