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7 EGG COOKER: Whether you are prepping your breakfast before rushing off to work or catering for the whole family, this electric egg boiler can prepare up to 7 boiled eggs at a time. Cooking them is as easy as can be; simply fill the water tank, load the egg basket with eggs, place the lid on top and choose how you would like your eggs cooked.
CHOOSE FROM SOFT, MEDIUM OR HARD BOILED: Standard electric egg boilers only tend to have a simple on/off switch which does not factor in if you have a preference on soft, medium or hard boiled eggs. With this programmable egg boiler, you can choose the exact doneness of your egg with the timer function.
REHEAT FUNCTION: The beeping alarm function will notify you when the eggs are ready, so you can enjoy the eggs when they are just off the boil; all fresh and deliciously hot. Although sometimes time can run away from us, and although we plan to eat at a certain time, by the time you get to your eggs they have gotten cold already. Thanks to the handy reheat function, you can gently warm up your eggs again after they’ve cooled down.
WATER CUP AND EGG PIERCER INCLUDED: The EB35 comes with a small water cup that provides the right measure of water to fill up the water tank. And on the underside of the water cup is a concave base with a pin inside which is especially for piercing the bottom of your eggs with. Eggs should be pierced on the larger end as this helps to keep the shell from cracking during the boiling process.
SPECIFICATIONS: Colour: black with stainless-steel. Power: 400W. Size: 22x22x14.5cm/8.6x8.6x5.7in. Cable length: 80cm/31.4in. BS British Standard 3-pin plug.