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Short Product Description

TIDY YOUR WORKSPACE: Organise your cables and wires with the help of our riptape cable ties. These highly versatile cable ties can bound up to 10 cables together with a single tie. They are Ideal for tidying your workstation in the office or workplace, as they can vastly improve the setup making it neat and tidy.

ORGANISE YOUR HOME: This pack of 24 cables allows you to optimise cable management throughout your entire home. Use cable ties to separate audio cables from power cables for greater efficiency and reduced interference. Alternatively, they can be used to streamline the appearance of your gaming setup, keeping all cables bundled together and ensuring a tidier look. They can even be used behind furniture to make your home theatre system look aesthetically better.

VERSATILE DESIGN: For larger cable installations several cable ties can be attached to each other which lengthens them and enables them to secure together thicker cables or a higher quantity of cables. The nature of ripetape fastening is that it’s very easy to undo and then reattach again, giving you the possibility to reuse the cable ties over and over again.

PACK OF 24 HEAVY DUTY CABLE TIES: Made with nylon these cable ties are robust, durable and able to withstand a high level of tension. The hook and loop technology ensures that with one gentle press of the ends together you can ensure that the strap is secure and won’t loosen out of place.

SPECIFICATIONS: Each cable tie measures 15 x 2 cm / 6 x 1 in. Pack contains 24 cable ties. Material: nylon.