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2-in-1 Torch and Lantern RL74

The RL74 is a clever 2-in-1 lantern and torch that can be used every day at home, work or even just kept on standby for emergencies. It has a versatile and sturdy design which is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Whether you are nipping up the garden shed at nighttime, venturing up into the loft for a clear-out, or if you're going for a camping trip, the RL74 rechargeable torch is ideal for every eventuality.

Great for everyday use, the torch can be kept in a car boot in case of the eventuality of a breakdown, or kept in a kitchen drawer in case of an electrical blackout.

It has a wide ergonomic handle which is easy to hold in both torch and lantern mode, and a 1-button operation which makes using it as simple as it comes.

RL74 features

Handheld Torch (min)

If used as a torch on maximum it has a runtime of up to 4 hours.

Handheld Torch (max)

If used as a torch on minimum power it has a runtime of up to 17 hours.

Upright Lantern

If used as a lantern on standard power it has a runtime of up to 3.5 hours.


In torch mode, the brightness of the light is up to 320 lumens, whilst in lantern mode, it is up to 300 lumens.


Energy efficient as they come, the LED bulb in this torch is only 8W.


Recharging takes between 8-12 hours.

For best results, the flashlight should be charged fully before use.

Camping Trips

The lamp is perfect for the next camping trip. The side light illuminates the tent from all angles. The flashlight is the ideal companion for a night walk.

At Work

In either flashlight or lantern mode, the RL74 is a helpful tool when working on a project. Use it to illuminate hidden areas so you can work without any restrictions.

Emergency Situations

If the fuse blows again, or if the utility company reports major problems you can continue to move safely through your home with this emergency flashlight.