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2-in-1 Single Waffle Maker and Mini Grill WM52

This versatile 2-in-1 machine is a must-have if you want to be able to make quick snacks and meals with minimal clean up. The WM52 comes with two sets of cooking plates for making waffles and for grilling food. These non-stick interchangeable plates are easy to swap around as and when you need to so you can cook a variety of foods easily without any hassle.

Making Waffles
With the WM52 you can cook delicious Belgian waffles and enjoy them at any time of the day. Homemade waffles not only taste better but they are a whole lot healthier because you don't need to cook them with oil. Thanks to the special non-stick coating on the hotplates, you can easily remove the cooked waffles without anything getting stuck to the plates. The hotplates heat up quickly and cook the waffle batter evenly and perfectly producing delicious golden waffles every time.

Grilling Food
Using the grill hotplates you can toast bread, grill tomatoes or even cook eggs on it. The WM52 is perfect for catering for an individual lunch or the side dish for a main meal.

Heats Up Fast 

Powered by 520 watts, the WM52 waffle maker heats up quickly enabling you to get cooking your breakfast straight away.
The heating elements underneath the hotplates cover the whole area so that the plates heat up evenly ensuring that every part of the waffle is cooked perfectly.
On the top there is a power indicator that let you know when the machine is ready and has reached the optimal cooking temperature.

Makes 4 Waffles at a Time 

The deep-fill waffle well on the non-stick cooking plate allows you to cook waffles individually.
A large spoon of waffle batter is all that is needed to fill the waffle well. Once filled with batter, close the lid and leave the machine to cook for 5-6 minutes.
Once your waffle has turned golden and cooked perfectly, remove it carefully with a wooden or silicone spatula.

Grills Food Quickly and Easily

Use the grill plates to toast or grill snacks.
It's also perfect for gilling a burger patty, tuna steak or even mini kebabs.
Thanks to the non-stick design, grilling food on these plates is a healthier alterative to frying.

Safe and Sturdy Design 

When cooking with an appliance that heats up like this waffle machine, it is vital that it is safe and does not move around or tip over.
For this reason, the WM52 has non-slip pads on the base of the feet to hold it still on the countertop.
On the handle is a clip lock which allows you to secure the handle closed when you want to store it away.

Removable Cooking Plates

The most unique feature of our mini waffle maker is the removable and interchangeable plates.
To remove the plates, simply slide back the clips holding each plate in place and they will click open. The plates will gently pop out of place allowing you to lift them out easily for cleaning.
The WM52 comes with 2x waffle plates and 2x grill plates.

Easy to Clean

The non-stick plates make waffles and other foods easy to remove from the machine so you do not need to grease them before cooking. This means you can make your meal just that little bit healthier by omitting the extra butter or oil.
Another added benefit of non-stick plates is that they are effortless to clean. You can either wipe them over with a wet cloth or wash with warm water and soap for an extra thorough clean.

Hidden Cable Management

The power cable has a UK 3-pin plug, and it measures 73cm/29in which is the perfect length for a countertop appliance.
When it is not in use, the cable can be wrapped around the base of the machine to keep it tidy.

Compact for Storage

Once the 2-in-1 mini grill has cooled down and cleaned, it can be stored away until you need it next.

The handle has a safety lock that will prevent it from opening whilst being carried or whilst it is stored.