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2-in-1 Mini Food Processor MFP400

Preparing food has never been easier. Whether ingredients are to be sliced, grated, chopped or completely pureed, this mini blender does this all and more.

The MFP400 is a real helper in the kitchen as it takes over some of the most mundane food preparation tasks with quickness, ease and finesse. Whether you need to chop vegetables for soup, blend chickpeas for a dip or grate cheese for a homemade pizza, this mini food processor will help with it all.

MFP400 features

Grate or Slice

Using the disk provided you can slice or grate your ingredients exactly as you need them.
This is especially useful for salads and the preparation of raw vegetables and cheese.

Chop or Blend

Using the blade provided you can chop or blend ingredients to your desired consistency.
This is useful for finely chopping ingredients or for making sauces.

Creating Recipes

Try making completely new recipes or homemade versions of your favourites.

With the blender function, you can make sauces, purees, coulis, salsas and more.

3 Power Settings

There are two speed settings [I] and [II] that ensure an even consistent result when processing the food inside.

In addition to this, there is a pulse function which is best used for chopping as it provides the user with better control of the size and consistency of the ingredients.


The main mixing bowl can hold up to 500ml which is ample for preparing recipes and meals.

In addition to this, the feed pusher cup serves a double purpose as it can be used to measure liquids that are to be added to the recipe.

Powerful Design

Powered with a 400 watt motor the MFP400 food processor makes those big food preparation tasks into quick easy ones.

Easy to Set Up

Switching between the chopper mode and food processor modes is quick and easy to do. Just a twist to lock the lid in place and place a bowl underneath to catch the grated/sliced food.

Non-Slip Base

Four suction feet adorn the bottom of the appliance which help to hold it steady when it's in use.


The compact size of the food processor makes it ideal to be either stored away and brought out for occasional use or find a permanent spot on the kitchen counter.