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Duronic VESA Head DM15 DM25 | Universal Mounting Head to Use with Any Duronic Desk Mount Pole | Bracket for PC Computer Screen | Rotates 360°, Tilts +45°/-45° | Fits VESA 75/100

by Duronic

UNIVERSAL DESK MOUNT BRACKET: The Duronic DM25 VESA head is a steel bracket for holding a computer monitor or television screen onto a desk mount.

UNIVERSAL FIT: This bracket will fit on every Duronic desk mount. It is compatible with DM151, DM152, DM251, DM252, DM253, DM254, DM351, DM352, DM353, DM354, DM451, DM452, DM453, DM454, DM551, DM552, DM553, DM554, DM651, DM652, DM653, DM751, DM752, DM753, DM754, DM756.

FLEXIBILITY AND OPTIMAL VIEWING ANGLES: This VESA bracket is adjustable and allows for a screen to be moved upwards and downwards, as well as rotate around 360° allowing you to view the monitor vertically. This head will hold the screen flush with a pole or it can be attached to an arm.

WILL IT FIT YOUR MONITOR: This DM25 VESA head is suitable for most major brand monitors on the market (i.e. Samsung, LG, Dell, to name a few) who adhere to VESA compatibility 75/100. The DM25 VESA bracket will hold a monitor with VESA 100 or VESA 75 mounting holes; this means that the holes should be either 100mm or 75mm apart from each other when measured.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: The DM25 head is made from strong durable steel. It is made to attach to a Duronic desk mount pole or arm to attach a monitor or television screen onto. Tilts -45°/+45°, rotates 360°.

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