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The Duronic TVS5T1 is an ultra-stable TV Trolley Stand, perfect for when you need to frequently move the TV around. The stand provides a fixed positional solution to mounting your TVSuitable for TVs of size between 33" to 70" with maximum loading capacity 68kg. The Stand will fit on all major brands as our stand follows VESA mounting patterns to cater for all branded TVs.TV must comply with any of the VESA mounting hole patterns: 600 X400, 400 X400, VESA hole patterns are the distance of the holes at the back of your TV (Horizontal X Vertical). For smaller TVs please also make sure that the TV is larger than 700 X 400 mm to make sure it covers the mounting arms and plate.The materials we use to build our stands are second to none. From the nuts to the castor wheels we make sure the correct materials are used to ensure stability, performance at high level and a long durable life is maintained.Packed in 1 box ready to ship worldwide