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Fits a full range of LCD & Plasma screens from 32. Most TV owners will have the TV mounted on a TV stand if it's not up on the wall. Having a safety strap reduces the risk of children or pets from tipping the TV forward and damaging itself.
This Unit has been designed to clamp onto the top shelf of your TV stand, failing this it has a backup connection piece to bolt itself to the wall
If you have children in the home then this will minimize the risk of a child tipping the TV forward. You can adjust the straps to have a higher tension to hold the TV more firmly.
High quality materials has been used to manufacture this product to make sure it does it's job and protects your TV from tipping forward. The strap connects to the VESA holes at the back of the TV so there is minimal installation required.
This safety strap is easy to install. Its compatible up to VESA 600, 400 or 200 holes at the back of the TV, this means it will connect to the back of your TV which will have horizontal hole difference of 600mm, 400mm or 200mm. The other end will connect to the back of the TV stand, if clamping is not a solution then you can bolt the other end to the wall.