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Si2 Mini Steam Iron

For the Smartly Dressed Traveller

This cheeky little iron may be small but it’s extremely useful and versatile. As you will expect; this iron was primarily designed for travelling with. Not every hotel room has an iron or trouser press in it and so all too often you unpack and hang up crumpled clothes hoping the creases will “fall out”. With the Duronic Si2 Mini Iron you will never have to worry about this again; thanks to its petite size and lightweight design, it can fit neatly into your bag or suitcase without taking up much room or impacting the weight of your luggage.

The Perfect Accessory for your Craft Kit

After we made this iron, we discovered that it had another use altogether! Inspired by our customers who have bought and love the Si2, we now know it can be used as a fantastic crafting iron too. Due it its size, shape, and the close control your hand has over the handle, it’s perfect for quilting projects, sewing (opening and closing seams), patchwork and applique work.

A Space Saver for Smaller Places

You may be looking at a mini iron because you have a small living space, or perhaps you don’t have place to store a standard iron and ironing board. If either is the case, a mini iron is a great solution to having something at hand for garments that need un-creasing. Pair the mini iron with a heat-proof mat (many are available online) and you can eliminate the need for a cumbersome ironing board too.

Si2 Features:

Easy to Store and Go

This mini iron couldn't be any more portable! Simply wrap the cable around the body of the iron to keep it all together and slip the whole unit into the handy pouch provided. This bag will keep the iron clean and dust-free.

It also ensures that everything will stay enclosed together and get safely from A to B without getting damaged or mixed up with other surrounding items.

Effortless to Fill and Re-Fill

Included is an easy-pour measuring cup which ensures you never over-fill the water tank or spill water when trying to fill your iron.

The water tank capacity is 50ml and keeps the iron steaming away efficiently through its jobs.

Getting the Perfect Finish

Included is a brush attachment which allows the Si2 iron to be used on delicate sheer fabrics such as silk, chiffon, moire and lace.

The brush has been designed to still allow the steam to penetrate the brush head enabling you to iron or steam your items without needing to worry about scorching the fabric.

Small and Compact

So petite that it fits into the palm of your hand. We have designed this steam iron to be ergonomic and easy to use for everyone. The handle fits into the palm of the hand which enables the user to manoeuvre the iron with ease and comfort.

Additionally, the size of this iron is perfect for pressing smaller garments like baby clothes as it can reach those tiny corners and areas that larger irons cannot.

Ambidextrous and Ergonomic

Unlike many other irons on the market, Duronic have designed the Si2 with a central cable so this iron can be used by anyone: both right and left-handed people.

Additionally, the steam burst button is at the front centre so is easy to reach with your fingers while holding the iron - whichever hand you are using.

So Light it's Barely There

Take the Si2 with you on holiday or trips away; measuring only 13cm long, this steam iron will fit into the tightest space inside a suitcase or bag.

Whether you're travelling to a different town or different country, you will never have to walk around in creased clothes again!

Alternatively, if you plan to use this iron as part of a craft kit its petite size is an added bonus as it makes it easy to store along with the rest of your accessories and tools.