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Short Product Description

ERGONOMIC MONITOR RISER: Poor posture - and consequently aches and pains - are often the result of how you are seated at your desk and in most cases making adjustments to improve your workspace to be ergonomically better isn’t too difficult. With our desk risers it couldn’t be easier to make a huge improvement just by making this one simple addition to your desktop.

ADJUSTABLE TO THE HEIGHT YOU NEED: Rise your laptop, monitor or television screen by 9-10.5cm. Our monitor risers have been fitted in thousands of offices worldwide and are helping customers to optimise their desk space and improve their posture. By placing your monitor on top it is naturally elevated to an optimal position for the user, whilst also cleverly creates space underneath the stand to put your keyboard/mouse/stationery away from sight.

COMPATIBLE WITH PC MONITORS, TV’S AND LAPTOPS: All of our monitor stands are compatible with most monitor screens and small televisions. They can also be used to support a laptop, If you’re a gamer you may have an alternative use in mind. If you own a console (or more than one) you’ll know it’s a challenge to keep it all tidy.  Thanks to Duronic you may have finally found a solution!

EASY TO INSTALL: Our whole range of monitor risers are exceptionally easy to install as they require minimal assembly. No tools required, no heavy lifting to be done. For the DM052-2 monitor riser, you just screw the four legs in place and it’s ready to use. If the desk surface underneath the riser is slightly uneven, the tubular feet are adjustable by 1.5cm to enable you to correct any wobbles.

SPECIFICATIONS: This monitor stand is made from high-quality tempered black glass and has metal legs. It has been made to withstand a maximum weight of 20kg. The platform has large tubular feet to make the unit extra sturdy and also creates more desktop space underneath it. The size of the glass platform is 56x24cm. Height adjustable 9-10.5cm.

Enhanced Description

Glass Monitor Riser DM052-2 (56cm x 24cm) [BLACK]

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The DM052-2 is an adjustable computer monitor riser that can raise a monitor or laptop off of the desktop surface, elevating it to an improved ergonomic position for the user. In addition to this, this riser is a brilliant solution to creating a better and tidier workstation because it makes extra storage space and makes the area easier to clean too.

This monitor riser is made from tough tempered glass which can bear a load of up to 20kg. The strong metal tubular legs stand steadily on the desk surface and the height-adjustable legs allow for small adjustments to compensate for an uneven desk surface.

It's supported by durable non-slip feet underneath so you rest assured your riser will stay still on the desktop surface and hold all of your computing equipment securely.

The simplistic and versatile design of the DM052-2 means it can also be used for many more things besides computers and laptops; it can make a great DVD player, stereo system or speaker support too!


The DM052-2 riser platform is 56x24cm in size.

The space between the legs is 46x14.5cm which allows you to maximise desk space and store items underneath the platform.

The adjustable legs measure 9-10.5cm allowing for small height adjustments to be made if the desk surface below it is uneven.

Weight Capacity

Made from tough tempered glass, this monitor riser can hold up to 20kg/44lbs safely and securely.

We recommend that when using a screen or monitor on top of the riser you consider the weight capacity and avoid placing screens above 32" in size on top.

Non-Slip Feet

To ensure that your equipment is held securely in place our monitor risers all have rubberised non-slip feet which grip to the desk surface.

Assembly of this riser couldn't be simpler; simply attach the legs by screwing them into place and it's ready to use!

Why use a monitor riser?

When creating a workspace or home office it is important to consider the ergonomics of your set up, especially if you plan to spend long periods seated there. By ensuring you are positioned correctly, and that the equipment is positioned ergonomically, you can ensure that you are minimising any ill-effects that can come from poor ergonomics/posture.

A major contributor to poor posture is the position of the computer screen. This is because the computer screen is what determines your overall posture; it’s the place your eyes focus on and consequently where we naturally turn our body towards in an attempt to align and sit comfortably. If the screen is too low then you can end up craning your head and/or neck to view the screen better, which in turn affects your spine and shoulders. Over time sitting like this can cause pain, discomfort and long-term health problems. It can also put unnecessary strain on the eyes, which can ultimately have a knock-on effect on your well-being, energy and productivity.

Ensuring your monitor is at the right level can help to reduce orthopaedic/back pain that can occur from poorly positioned monitor screens, as well as ensuring you can work as productively as possible. Monitor risers are an easy and effective solution to improve these problems and to create a more organised feel to your set up. In addition to this, elevating your screen off of the desk up onto a stand frees up valuable desktop space.

Our monitor risers have been designed to improve the ergonomics of the user by elevating a laptop or computer monitor up from desk level to be more in-level with their natural line of sight. As well as this, they are incredibly versatile and can be used for much more besides monitor screens and laptops. It can also be used for raising a television higher so that you can store a DVD player beneath it, supporting a games console set up or even to store hobby materials at different levels for easy access.

Our Monitor Riser Range

DM051: Black Glass Design - Platform size 63x25cm (25"x10") - Height Adjustable 11-12.5cm (4"-5") - Weight Capacity 40kg (88lbs)

DM052-1: Clear Glass Design - Platform size 56x24cm (22"x9.5") - Height Adjustable 9-10.5cm (3.5"-4") - Weight Capacity 20kg (44lbs)

DM052-2: Black Glass Design - Platform size 56x24cm (22"x9.5") - Height Adjustable 9-10.5cm (3.5"-4") - Weight Capacity 20kg (44lbs)

DM052-3: Clear Glass Design - Platform size 70x24cm (28"x9.5") - Height Adjustable 9-10.5cm (3.5"-4") - Weight Capacity 20kg (44lbs)

DM052-4: Black Glass Design - Platform size 70x24cm (28"x9.5") - Height Adjustable 9-10.5cm (3.5"-4") - Weight Capacity 20kg (44lbs)

DM053: Clear Acrylic Design - Platform size 50x20cm (20"x8") - Height 10cm (4") - Weight Capacity 30kg (66lbs)

DM054: Black Acrylic Design - Platform size 50x20cm (20"x8") - Height 10cm (4") - Weight Capacity 30kg (66lbs)

DM055: Black Wooden Design - Platform size 40x28cm (16"x11") - Height Adjustable 4-15cm (1.6"-5.9") - Weight Capacity 10kg (22lbs)

DM06-1: Black Wooden Design - Platform size 63x30cm (25"x12") - Height 16cm (6") - Weight Capacity 10kg (22lbs)

DM06-2: Black Wooden Design - Platform size 82x30cm (32"x12") - Height 16cm (6") - Weight Capacity 10kg (22lbs)