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Laptop Riser DM074 (33x28cm) [BLACK] 

The DM074 is a compact and lightweight riser that can raise a laptop off of the desktop surface, elevating it to an improved ergonomic position for the user. When it's not in use it collapses down for easy transportation and storage.

While this monitor platform is lightweight in design, it is also strong and sturdy able to hold up to 10kg. The solid platform stands steadily on the desk surface and ensures that your equipment is supported well. This model has breathable mesh covering both sides which keeps your devices cool at all times.

Hands-Free Device Support 

The DM074 is ideal for supporting a tablet device or an e-reader as it can hold it at the exact angle that you need to see the screen properly. The breathable mesh material allows air to flow through and devices to keep cool.

Ergonomically Designed Laptop Riser 

Use the DM074 as a laptop support which will hold the screen further towards eye-level and lift the keyboard into an ergonomic position which is better for your wrists and overall posture.

Traditional Book Holder 

Whether it's for study in the office or for a recipe book in the kitchen, the DM074 is a great little helper. It saves your hands from holding the book and letting you get on with the other tasks at hand.

Dimensions & Capacity 

The robust platform is 33 x 28cm in size and can hold up to 10kg.

It can be adjusted to 9 different heights to help you find the angle that's right for you.

Easy to Collapse 

To collapse the DM074 for storage, simply lift the stand from the notches the were resetting on and gently take it down until it closes flat.

Fits into Tight Spaces 

The beauty of the sleek profile is that it can be stored vertically on a shelf or between other objects like folders and books.