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EPS Remote Control [EPS/Remote]

Our EPS electric projector screens come with a control pad attached to the screen that enables you to adjust the screen when you need to. However, the EPS screens do not come with the remote control system included, as this is a premium add-on accessory.

The EPS remote control enables you to easily control your Duronic EPS electric projector screen remotely from a distance. Simply attach the receiver box to the screen and sit back and enjoy your favourite movies.

This remote control is only compatible with Duronic EPS screens. Other Duronic projection screens do not have controllable electronics and are therefore not controllable by this remote control.

This remote control system is not compatible with screens from other manufacturers. Please only use this remote control with a Duronic EPS projection screen.

EPS Remote features

Everything you need is included in this kit to allow you to adjust your electric EPS screen from a distance.

Installing the cable is easy to do; simply attach one end of the cable to the screen housing and the other end to the existing cable on the screen.

The cable is 140cm/55in long, the perfect size to attach to your screen.

The remote control is very easy to use and comes with a battery included.