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PS391 Paper Shredder

Identity theft is a major concern, both online and offline, with an ever-growing number of UK consumers becoming a victim of identity fraud at some time in their lives. If a thief obtains your personal details they can open bank accounts, take out credit cards, apply for loans, apply for state benefits, order online, make in-store purchases, take out mobile phone contracts and even apply for identity documents such as a passport or drivers licence in your name.

Don’t allow this to happen. Take action now and protect yourself from identity theft by ensuring all of your bills, letters - anything with your personal details on - gets shredded properly before being thrown away.

Ripping paper up isn’t good enough as it is easy for a thief to put the pieces back together again, but shredding the documents with the PS391 shredder will cut them into tiny 9x3mm pieces, making it near impossible for someone to reconstruct.

The Duronic PS391 Mini Shredder

Sitting perfectly on your desk or counter, this little shredder is a convenient way to dispose of all of those annoying receipts, envelopes and letters that often collect up waiting for you to dispose of them safely. By positioning the PS391 somewhere that is close at hand, you can shred as and when you need to, rather than letting piles of paper build up. As it's small and portable, you can also store it away when you're not using it.

The Duronic PS391 is ideal if you have moderate amounts of paper to shred; if you have a small/medium office or home office, this is the machine for you. It’s the perfect mini size to use as a desktop shredder, enabling you to shred whilst continuing to work at your desk. It can shred 3 A4 pages (folded vertically) or 6 pages of A6 paper. Using the internal rotating blades, it cross cuts paper into tiny 9x3mm pieces, ensuring that even the smartest thief cannot read your personal documents. The run time/cool down time for this shredder is 2 minutes/30 minutes.

If you need a shredder with even greater shredding capacity see our other models PS410 and PS991 which can shred up to 9 and 18 sheets at a time respectively.

PS391 Features:

Cross Cuts into 3x9mm Pieces

In line with the recent implementation of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), businesses and anywhere that holds sensitive data are under greater scrutiny when it comes to disposing of personal data.

With the PS391 shredder this isn’t a worry as it will efficiently cut through paper into micro pieces, ensuring that if your disposed documents get into the wrong hands, they will never be able to be put back together again by the thief.

Forward, Reverse and Auto Functions

Like all shredders, this model has an on/off power switch, auto function, forwards function and backwards function (to help in the event of a paper jam).

It has an opening of 11.5cm which can fit A6 paper (flat) or A4 paper (folded vertically).

It also has an LED power light to indicate when the machine is ready to use.

Covering all of these features is a sliding lid which keeps the shredder dust free and protected.

5 Litre Bin

The 5 litre bin can be used daily without having to be emptied after each use.

Thanks to the transparent plastic design you can easily see when it is ready to be emptied.

Don't forget to recycle your waste paper when you dispose of it!

Power & Run Time

Built with a mighty 500W motor, this shredder will power through tasks with ease.

It has a built-in run time of 2 minutes on / 30 minutes off.

This is a safety feature to preserve the motor and prevent it from overheating.

Shreds 3 Sheets at a Time

For a desktop shredder, this reliable helper will let you shred as and when you need to throughout the day.

A 3-page capacity is all you really need to whizz through unwanted envelopes, letters and receipts.

Size and Dimensions

Made to fit on my desks, this table-top shredder is the perfect size.

It is small enough to not take up too much room on your desk, but at the same time it has a good sized bin that will collect an ample amount of shredded paper before needing to be emptied.