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Electric Griddle GP20

Entertain in Style

Have you ever held a dinner party and realised that you spent most of your time hidden in the kitchen cooking instead of entertaining your guests? Preparing a meal for a number of people can be daunting, especially when it comes to plating it up and hoping it stays hot by the time it reaches the table. With the Duronic GP20 electric griddle, you can revolutionise the way you entertain by making a simple but ingenious change: cook in front of your guests! With this innovative tabletop grill, you can prepare your ingredients prior to your guests arriving and lay them out ready to be cooked. Then, when everyone is seated around the table ready to eat, turn the grill on and start to cook. If they want, they can even join in! The pan reaches a high temperature so the food is cooked quickly and ready to serve in no time at all. It’s an unforgettable experience for all, and it is sure to please even the fussiest of diners!

This hot plate isn’t just for entertaining guests; it’s so quick and easy to set up, use, clean and put away again that you’ll end up opting to use it for everyday meals too.

Reclaim Family Time

Preparing a meal from the centre of the dinner table creates an engaging mealtime experience that is sure to bring the whole family to the table. Not only this, it also gets the family to eat healthier, especially the children!

Cook Foods from Around the World

Flat pan grills are a popular choice all around the world for a variety of cuisines. Used both at home and also in restaurants, this sort of grill is widely popular because:

• It gives food a unique taste and locks in the moisture,
• It cooks food fast and to the liking of every diner,
• The preparation is minimal; no marinades or rubs needed,
• It can be served directly to the diner's plate,
• It is very easy to use and to cater for large parties of people,
• Plancha/teppanyaki/grilled food is healthier and low in fat.

In Japan, the grill is called a tepan and the style of food cooked on it is Teppanyaki. This famous style of cuisine uses freshly sliced meat, fish and vegetables (sometimes seasoned with oriental spices) seared and cooked quickly on the highly heated griddle before being served immediately on the diners' plates. You may have also seen the clever tricks some chefs perform on the tepan plate, where they make beautiful shapes with eggs to wow the diners.

In Spain, the grill is called a plancha. It is used as an alternative to a barbeque to prepare fresh Mediterranean seafood, meats and vegetables, which are then served with fresh salad and homemade dressings.

GP20 Features 

Powerful Grill with Adjustable Temperature Gauge 

The cooking plate heats up fast and evenly, allowing you to start cooking almost straight away.
It is controlled by an adjustable thermostat dial which allows you to switch on the grill, adjust the temperature to your liking and turn it off again when you’re finished. The thermostat dial can be detached from the grill to make cleaning and storage easier.
The maximum temperature the GP20 can reach is 225°c.

Large Non-Stick Cooking Surface  

The aluminium tepan plate has a non-stick coating; this ensures that food does not stick to the pan and that it is also very easy to clean afterwards. Be sure to check the manual on how to clean the tray – do not use abrasive products such as scourers as it may damage the pan. Always use wooden tools on the pan while cooking to prevent scratching the surface.

The size of the pan is large (61.5x32cm) and perfect for cooking for the whole family or entertaining a table of guests.

Stay-cool handles  

This lightweight grill has been designed with thermo-resistant handles for your safety and comfort, the handles on either side of the grill stay cool even during cooking. 
This means that if you need to relocate the grill straight after you've finished cooking, you can do so easily and safely. 

Cook with Less Fat

Along the length of the pan is a channel which is for the excess juice/oil to drain into during cooking. The excess liquids collect underneath the grill in the drip tray which can be removed and emptied. 

Easy to Clean 

This table barbeque is very easy to clean and takes little effort to tidy up after cooking. 

After each use, remove the drip tray, empty it and wash it with soap and warm water. 

Cleaning Tip

A neat tip for cleaning the cooking plate is to use ice cubes while the plate is still warm; introducing ice to it creates a heat shock on the surface of the plate, which consequently lifts the cooking residue allowing you to gently scrape it into the drip tray. The benefits of using ice are that it’s natural (chemical-free), neutralises the smells and tastes from the plate, and is the most effective at cleaning.