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HP1SS Single Hotplate  [silver]

 A hot plate is extremely useful to have, whether you plan to use it as a short-term solution or a long-term fixture.

A versatile solution for temporary use in place of your usual cooker, it provides relief from continuous microwave meals at times when your cooker has broken down or if you’re having your kitchen renovated.

Alternatively, it’s a great feature for small kitchens that do not have room for a standard cooker/hob as this hot plate will stand sturdy on your counter top and enable you to cook meal after meal with ease and convenience.

The whole unit itself is compact and so easy to store away when you’re finished with it.

It’s also great for camping, road trips, garden parties and all outdoor cooking in general. It’s a great alternative to the traditional camp gas cooker as it’s easier to clean and doesn’t require gas.

The HP1SS features one solid cast iron ring for placing your pans on which measures 187.5mm and powers up to 1500W. The hob has a handy individual neon power indicator light so you will always be able to see if the hob is on or off.

It’s built to last, is durable, corrosion resistant, easy to clean and has an over-heat protection function which acts a safety measure.

The whole appliance weighs 2.2kg and is 31.8cm long, 22.8 cm wide, 10cm high. 

HP1SS Features:

Powerful to Cook

The HP1SS is powered by 1500W.

It has a thermostatic dial to switch on and control the hobs temperature. When the hob reaches the set temperature it will stop increasing the heat and maintain an even temperature for your cooking.

Strong Rubber Feet

Beneath the body of the hot plate are 4 sturdy rubber feet to ensure it stands stable and firm while you are using it. These feet service a dual purpose as they allow heat from the device to escape underneath to prevent it overheating.

Large Plate Surface

This hot plate has one large hob which measures 18.7cm. It can accommodate pots and saucepans of most sizes. To ensure your food cooks evenly we advise to not use a pot with a base wider than the hob plate.

Thermo-insulated Handles

Designed so that you can lift the hot plate with ease and without burning yourself, the handles are thermo-insulated.