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  • MEASURES PULSE RATE & OXYGEN: Using infrared technology this oximeter measures the saturation of oxygen levels in your blood, as well as measuring your pulse rate.
  • RELIABLE ACCURATE RESULTS: Rigorously tested and put through its paces, this trusty measuring device will delivery accurate results every single time.
  • EASY TO USE: To take a measurement simply place your fingertip into the oximeter and press the button. Within seconds your blood oxygen and heartbeat will be measured and the results will show on the digital screen.
  • PORTABLE WITH CARRY POUCH: The OX01R comes with a lanyard to wear it around your neck and also a carry pouch to protect the device during transportation.
  • FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS: Sound alert function. Auto power off. Low battery indicator. LED Display. RH: 10%-93%. Temperature: -10c - +50c. Atmospheric pressure: 50kPa – 106kPa.

Duronic Finger Pulse Oximeter OX01R

If you have a health condition that requires frequent checking of your SpO2 levels or pulse rate, then this clever measuring device is one of the most helpful accessories to have at hand for day-to-day monitoring.

The Duronic OX01R oximeter provides a simple to use, pain-free and reliable method of checking your health in a way that delivers accurate results every time.

By simply inserting your index finger into the oximeter and switching it on, a measurement will be made instantly in a non-invasive way that measures the oxygen saturation of the arterial haemoglobin in your blood.

For ultimate peace of mind and reassurance, this oximeter is designed to spot check as often as you need to wherever you are. If you are concerned about your health or the readings obtained from the oximeter, please seek medical advice and consultation from a doctor/general practitioner.

How Does it Work?

Pulse oximetry uses light to work out oxygen saturation. A harmless infrared light is emitted from one side of the device which goes across the pulse oximeter probe and reaches the light detector on the other side. When a finger is placed in the oximeter between the source of light and the detector, the light has to try to pass through the finger and through the blood cells. By measuring how much light reaches the light detector on the other side, the pulse oximeter knows how much light has been absorbed by the haemoglobin (Hb) in the blood. The more the Hb in the finger there is, the more the light absorbed.


Compact Design

Small and lightweight, the OX01R is designed to be able to go with you anywhere.

It comes with a handy travel pouch which is perfect for keeping it safe when stored away, and also a lanyard so that you can keep it close at hand.

Easy to Use

To take a reading simply place your finger inside the device, let it grip down and press the power button.

Within seconds a reading will show up on the screen showing your pulse rate and oxygen level.

If your oxygen level or pulse rate fall to a dangerous level it will alert you.

Clear Display

With ease of use in mind, the black and red screen is very easy to read thanks to the clearly lit LED numerals and symbols.

The SpO2 level is shown on the top digits, followed by the pulse rate below showing beats per minute.

Battery Powered

The OX01R is a low-powered device so, depending on how often you use it, the batteries will last for a long time.

If not in use for 16 seconds the oximeter will automatically switch off to preserve power.

When the batteries do start to run low, a battery symbol will appear on the top left side of the screen.

In pregnancy

For respiratory conditions

For heart conditions.

For sports