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ULTIMATE LAUNDRY CARE PACK: Looking after your clothes has never been easier. With the Duronic CFS4 laundry care pack you can remove lint build up and bobbles, as well as lifting off pet hair and dusty particles. This pack contains 1 fabric shaver, 1 full lint roller plus 2 extra refill rolls.
MANUAL LINT SHAVER: The lint shaver is a nifty handheld tool that can be used to restore and clean a variety of fabrics and surfaces. With a de-piling head on one side and a lint shaver on the other you can be sure to get the task done quickly and efficiently.
LINT ROLLER: For quick removal of lint and pet hairs from all types of fabric an adhesive lint roller does the job perfectly. Simply roll across the fabric and it lifts off any debris on the surface of the fabric.
EASY TO USE: By simply gliding the lint shaver over the fabric you can easily remove and collect all of the fuzz and bobbles giving the fabric a new lease of life! Effective on carpets too, simply scrape the tool along the surface of the carpet to lift up embedded pet hair.
PORTABLE DESIGN: The small lightweight handheld lint shaver easily tucks into a desk drawer or suitcase, perfect for taking on holiday or on business trips.
REVIVE YOUR FAVOURITE CLOTHES: Unfortunately, new clothes do not stay new-looking for long. After wear and tear clothes can become scruffy, bobbly and fuzzy. But don’t discard them too soon! Your favourite clothes can be restored to be just like new with a bit of care and attention from the Duronic lint shaver.
REMOVES LINT, FUZZ, PILES AND PET HAIR: Use the clothes shaver or lint roller to remove any unwanted things stuck on the surface of the fabric. By simply gliding the shaver over the fabric it will remove any piling and make the item look as good as new again.
RESTORE TIRED WORN UPHOLSTERY: This fabric shaver can also be used on materials around the home; for instance: cushions, curtains, sofas, carpets, bedding or throws. Any fabric that has become worn/bobbly will benefit from being spruced up with some de-bobbling action.
DURABLE DESIGN: The fabric shaver has double-sided bladed copper comb teeth and a sturdy plastic handle. It is durable, and reusable, removes any fluff or piling without leaving a residue behind. The handle is ergonomically shaped to feel comfortable to hold.
SPECIFICATIONS: Fabric Shaver - Material: plastic and copper. Colour: white with a metallic blade. Head width: 10cm/4in. Please note: this lint shaver cannot be used on all types of fabrics/clothes. Do not use on delicate materials. Lint Roller – Material plastic. Colour: white. Replaceable roll. Can be used on all types of fabrics.

NOTE: due to hygiene reasons this product cannot be returned for a refund if it has been opened.

Lint Shaver CFS4 (bundle pack)

We have all experienced having bobbles or lint on our clothes, sometimes they even appear within just days of wearing brand new clothing which can be very frustrating. Even around the home pills can appear on throws, bed linen, cushions and even soft toys.

They are caused by wear and tear; chaffing can cause bobbles to form and cover the surface of fabric resulting in making it look tatty and old. All too often clothes end up being discarded, thrown to the back of the wardrobe and no longer worn because of this. You cannot avoid these imperfections, but now you can remove them!

Taking Care of Your Clothes

This magnificent little tool will be your best-kept secret to keeping your clothes and home looking amazing. In an era where we are more aware of reusing and re-loving our possessions, it is even more important to do the same with our clothes. Why discard something just because it has gone bobbly? By using the CFS4 manual fabric shaver and roller bundle you can give fabrics a whole new lease of life just by removing the bobbles and lint!

Double-Sided Shaver

The MFS3 lint shaver has a de-piling head on one side and a lint shaver on the other so you can use it on a multitude of surfaces and materials.

The copper blade side does a brilliant job of removing fur and fluff from carpets and thick fabrics such as wool coats.

Not for Delicate Fabrics

This fabric shaver is not suitable for delicate fabrics such as silk, satin, sheer voile, lace or anything with embroidered detailing.

With any fabric we advise gently testing a corner of the fabric first to ensure the shaver is suitable for it.

Cleaning is Easy

When your lint shaver needs cleaning simply use your fingers to take off the larger pieces of lint and then run the shaver under water to remove any trapped bits.

Leave to air dry before using again.

Compact Size

Designed to be durable and reusable, removes any fluff or piling without leaving a residue behind.

The handle is ergonomically shaped to feel comfortable to hold and the size is perfect for popping into a travel bag or tucking away in your desk drawer.

Sticky Adhesive Roller 

The lint roller is designed with a sticky surface that helps to remove unwanted particles. Ideal for removing fluff, fur, lint, hair or dust from clothing, this adhesive roller will clean and smarten up your clothes in no time. Simply roll the roller over the fabric.

60 Sheets Per Roll

When the roller becomes full of debris, remove a sheet and discard. This exposes a new sticky sheet ready to use.

Each roll has 60 sheets with easy-tear perforations that make changing the sheets easy.

Changing Rolls is Easy

To replace the old roll on your lint roller, gently pull apart the arms of the lint roller handle and remove from the empty roll. Pop out the plastic disks on each end of the empty roll and place them on either end of the new refill roll. Then place the roller handle back onto the roll clicking it into place on either side of the roll.

Compact Size

More compact than other lint rollers, our lint roller has an easy-grip handle and is the perfect size for taking on holiday or tucking in your desk drawer at work.

Use the lint shaver on...




Lint and bobbles

Pet hair

Car Upholstery