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Fabric Shaver FS16USB

We have all experienced having bobbles or lint on our clothes, sometimes they even appear within just days of wearing brand new clothing which can be very frustrating. Even around the home pills can appear on throws, bed linen, cushions and even soft toys.
They are caused by wear and tear; chaffing can cause bobbles to form and cover the surface of fabric resulting in making it look tatty and old. All too often clothes end up being discarded, thrown to the back of the wardrobe and no longer worn because of this. You cannot avoid them but now you can remove them!

Taking Care of Your Clothes
This magnificent little device will be your best-kept secret to keeping your clothes and home looking amazing. In an era where we are more aware of re-using and re-loving our possessions, it is even more important to do the same with our clothes. Why discard something just because it has gone bobbly? By using the FS16USB fabric shaver you can give fabrics a whole new lease of life just by removing the bobbles!
Within a few short minutes of using the Duronic FS16USB you will see a vast difference as it reveals a bobble-free trail and niftily collects all the bobbles inside. You’ll see them disappear before your eyes and the proof will be collected in the lint cap.

Protective Beehive Mesh
The hardworking steel blades are covered with a protective mesh cap. This mesh shield protects the fabric from snags while the rotating steel blades gently remove bobbles, catches and fuzz. We used a beehive style design with small and larger holes to ensure that all imperfections are caught and picked up. The mesh cap can be removed for cleaning with the brush provided.

Easy to Use
Lay your fabric on a flat surface. Slowly move the FS16USB over the fabric. Work out which motion works best for the material; for example on delicate materials, you may want to work in short strokes. With a jumper, you may want to work in the same direction as the knit pattern. Sometimes it is most effective to use small circular motions. Once you find the movement that works the best you'll whizz through the job and have newer looking clothes in no time!

Two Heights of Shaving
Every fabric is different; as such should be looked after differently and tailored to their individual requirements. The FS16USB has a removable guard that enables the shaver to be used on delicate fabrics as well as the more durable ones. The guard adds 3mm of height from the fabric to the mesh-covered razor, which is perfect for woolly jumpers or clothes that may catch easily. For a closer shave on small bobbles use the shaver without the guard.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle is ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip with the power button in easy reach of your fingertip; this allows your other hand to remain free to hold the fabric in place. Additionally, the handle can rotate 180° enabling you to work in the way that suits them.

Use Corded or Cordless

Get the most from your fabric shaver with uninterrupted power; if using it cordless and the power runs low you can plug it in using the USB charging cable to continue working. The USB cable is 2m long so gives you ample length to use it whilst plugged in.

Long Battery Life

As the name suggests, the FS16USB is rechargeable by a USB cable, making it super portable and ideal for travel too. To recharge simply plug into a USB power adapter or into a charging device like a laptop. A full charge will give you 50 minutes of power.

Easy to Empty

Surrounding the beehive mesh is a transparent lint trap which collects all the shaved bobbles and lint. When it starts to look full, the ring can be easily removed, emptied and placed back onto the shaver ready for next time.

Use Horizontally

Ideal for hanging garments and home furnishings, if you rotate the handle to the lower setting it is easier to work on vertical or upright surfaces.

Use Vertically

Rotate the handle 180 degrees into the higher position and you can hold it more comfortably when de-bobbling garments laid flat on a surface.

Before and After

The results from using this fabric shaver are simply outstanding. Clothes, furnishings or upholstery can be given a new lease of life by removing the tatty bobbles and lint that have built up over time.

The Complete Kit

This fabric shaver comes ready to use with it's own storage bag, cleaning brush and USB charging cable. If you want to take this de-bobbler on your travels it couldn't be easier. Thanks to the handy pouch everything fits neatly inside making it convenient to slip into your bag or case.