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CAT8 Ethernet Cable [WHITE]

Duronic S/FTP CAT8 ethernet cables are a big step up from the previous CAT7 cables in both performance and appearance. These cables provide a higher capacity for bandwidth, up to 2GHz/2000MHz which provides a faster connection and a better transmission of data and media. Our Shielded Foil-Twisted Pair CAT8 cables are made with 100% copper, encapsulated in a braided shield and coated with a durable and flexible PVC jacket. The double-ended cable has snagless gold-covered RJ45 connectors which are compatible with wifi hubs, security cameras, computers, modems, network switches, games consoles, patch panels and more.

What is S/FTP?

S/FTP means 'Shielded Foiled Twisted Pairs', which refers to how the cable is composed inside. The individual twisted pairs of copper wire are wrapped in a foil tape before being covered with a flexible braided shield. The foil on the twisted pairs blocks disruptive line noise and helps to reduce cross-talk and interference from other cables nearby so you no longer have to keep your cables separate in crowded areas. This will protect your connected hardware and components from damage or data loss.

Organise Your Wiring

If you use more than one ethernet cable in the same location, you will appreciate being able to tell the difference between them! Trying to sift through dozens of black cables is not fun at all!

By using a different colour for each purpose (i.e. intercoms, computer, laptop) you can keep your setup organised to the highest level.

For a Wide Variety of Uses

CAT8 cables are suitable for computer PCs, notebooks, laptops, smart TVs, servers, games consoles, network cameras, DSL routers, modems, network printers and much more.

Ideal for Personal and Professional Use

These cables are ideal for anywhere that needs an ethernet connection.

Whether it's at home to link up your smart television, in a workplace setting to connect your printer, or in a server room to connect up countless points. These handy coloured S/FTP cables will keep things organised and connected at all times.