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Short Product Description

EAT HEALTHIER WITH THE 2400W DURONIC AF24 AIR FRYER: Experience healthier, tastier dishes with the Duronic air fryer oven, the pinnacle of dual drawer air fryer technology. With its advanced hot air circulation, enjoy your favourite meals like chips, chicken, and vegetables with little to no oil. This large air fryer 2400W power ensures efficient, perfect cooking every time, offering a smarter alternative to traditional deep frying allowing you to enjoy your food without sacrificing your health.

DUAL AIR FRYER WITH VISUAL WINDOW FOR MULTI-COOKING: The air fryer features dual 5L drawers, each equipped with a clear viewing window and internal light for easy monitoring. These drawers allow for oil-free frying and baking desserts like cakes and brownies in large quantities simultaneously, making meal preparation both effortless and versatile.

INTUITIVE TACTILE CONTROL FOR EASY USE: With the air fryer oven’s user-friendly tactile control panel, streamline your cooking process. Featuring a sync cook and sync finish setting, cook different items at different settings and have them finish cooking at the same time. This dual air fryer with visual windows simplifies operations, allowing for intuitive touch controls over buttons, ensuring a seamless cooking experience regardless of your experience.

VERSATILE COOKING OPTIONS WITH 10 PRE-SETS: Unleash your cooking potential with the dual zone air fryer’s 10 pre-set modes. Cook anything in the large air fryer from chips, pastries, nuggets to desserts like brownies and cakes – all without using oil, so you don’t compromise on your health. From air frying chips to baking desserts, this health cooker offers consistent, fast cooking, ensuring delicious results every time for a variety of dishes.

COOK ANYTHING IN THE AIR FRYER: This dual zone air fryer oven is a culinary powerhouse, capable of baking, frying, and roasting with ease. Replace multiple kitchen gadgets with this one compact device – a multi-cooker designed to cater to all your cooking needs from breakfast through to dessert.

PRECISION COOKING WITH SMART TECHNOLOGY: Achieve perfect cooking results every time with the Duronic AF24 air fryer. Its superior air circulation and precise temperature controls ensure evenly cooked meals, whether you're making crispy fries or tender fish, this health cooker ensures flavour and texture without the oil.

EASY MAINTENANCE FOR BUSY LIFESTYLES: Designed for convenience, the AF24 dual zone air fryer features non-stick, easy-to-clean components, streamlining post-meal clean-up. This air fryer fits seamlessly into busy schedules, offering quick, healthy meals without the added clean-up time.

SUSTAINABLE COOKING CHOICE: Make a sustainable choice with the Duronic AF24 air fryer. Its energy-efficient design reduces oil use and lowers energy consumption, promoting a healthier environment. Quick and versatile, this air cooker is a step towards sustainable living without sacrificing the joy of delicious meals.

SPECIFICATIONS: The Duronic AF24 large Air Fryer features dual 5L drawers, each with a viewing window, internal light, and removable trays, ensuring efficient, oil-free cooking. Boasting a 2400W power, tactile control panel, and dishwasher-safe components, this air fryer offers 10 pre-set modes and innovative Sync functions for simultaneous cooking. Dimensions are 39x37.7x32.5 cm, with a 105 cm cable, and it operates between 50º and 200º, promising healthier, faster meals.

Enhanced Description

Duronic Twin Air Fryer Dual Basket AF24

Versatile Cooking Modes

Sync Cook

Sync Cook mode uses both cooking Zones to either cook both drawers of food on the same temperature and time, or allows you to use the larger AFD1 drawer* to cook food in. *AFD1 sold separately

Sync Finish

The Sync Finish mode allows you to cook different foods in each Zone compartment which may require a different time or temperature to each other.

4 Functions to Choose From & 6 Pre-Set Modes 


Quick Cook Function

Cook hot snacks in just 5 minutes!


Pre-Heat Function

Pre-Heat the trays to get frozen food off to a quick start


Reheat Function

Enjoy yesterday's leftovers with the reheat function


Dehydrate Function

Create healthy snacks with the Dehydrate function

Additional Features

Lamps and Transparent Windows

To check on the progress of your food at any time, press the button for Lamp 1 or Lamp 2. Then peek through the windows to see how it's doing!

Non-stick Coating

The inner tray is easily removed from the cooking drawer and cleaned. We advise you not to use metal utensils when cleaning the tray.

Dishwasher Safe

Both the drawers and inner trays are dishwasher safe - cleaning up has never been easier!

Dimensions and Capacity

The overall unit measures 39x37.7x32.5cm and should fit comfortably on any standard kitchen worktop. Each cooking drawer has a 4.5L capacity.