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Who Invented Ice Maker Machines? What Factors Should You Consider When Purchasing One?

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Ice has become an indispensable part of our daily lives, from cooling our drinks to aiding in the preparation of smoothies and cocktails. The quest for the perfect ice cube has led to the invention and evolution of ice makers. In this blog, we'll explore the invention of the ice maker machines, how they work, their comparison with freezers, and the practicality of owning one. Particularly, we'll delve into the features of the Duronic Countertop Ice Maker Machine ICM12 BK and how it stands out.

Who Invented the Ice Maker Machine?


The journey of automatic ice making began in the mid-19th century with John Gorrie, an American physician, who is often credited with inventing a mechanical refrigeration unit in 1845. However, it was Alexander Twining who received a patent in 1853 for an ice-making machine that led to commercial refrigeration. The development of ice makers has since evolved, transitioning from large, industrial machines to the compact and efficient units we see today.

How Does an Ice Cube Maker Work?

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Ice making machines operate on a simple yet ingenious principle. Water is pumped into a refrigerated ice tray where the cooling system lowers the water temperature until it freezes. Once the ice is formed, the machine heats the tray slightly to loosen the ice, which is then ejected into a basket. This process is automated and continuous, ensuring a steady supply of ice.

The Duronic Countertop Ice Maker Machine ICM12 BK exemplifies this process with its efficient 120W power system, producing 8 cubes in just 6 minutes and up to 12kgs of ice cubes daily. Its bullet-shaped ice cubes, designed for increased surface area, ensure drinks cool faster and remain chilled longer without rapid dilution.

Ice Maker vs. Freezer


While both can produce ice, the methods and efficiency differ significantly. Freezers are versatile but slow, taking hours to freeze water into ice. They also require manual filling of ice trays and space to store them. In contrast, ice makers are dedicated to ice production, offering quicker, more efficient, and automated ice making. They can produce different ice sizes and shapes, tailored to specific needs.

The Duronic Ice Maker shines with its ability to produce two sizes of ice cubes, catering to various drink requirements, from cocktails to iced teas. Its compact and sleek design, featuring a simplistic button panel, air vents for better circulation, and a drainage hole for easy cleaning, sets it apart from traditional freezers.

What Should Be Considered When Purchasing An Ice Making Machine?

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When purchasing an ice maker, several key factors should be carefully considered to ensure you select a device that meets your needs and preferences.

Ice production capacity - Make sure that the amount of ice being produced aligns with your daily or event-based requirements

Size and dimensions - If space is limited in your kitchen or office, look for a compact and sleek design that fits well on countertops.

Shapes of ice produced - Check the type of ice the machine produces, such as cube, nugget, or flake, and the size options available. Different beverages and purposes may require different ice shapes and sizes.

Operational efficiency - Look for things like the energy consumption and water usage, can impact ongoing costs and environmental footprint.

User-friendly features - Check if the ice maker has user-friendly feaures such as simple control panels, self-cleaning functions, and indicators for when the ice basket is full or when water levels are low.

Durability and easy maintenance -  See if it would last long and be easy to mantain by checking things like accessible filters and drainage systems. These are important for long-term satisfaction and hygiene.

By taking these factors into account, you can find an ice maker that not only produces high-quality ice but also fits seamlessly into your lifestyle and usage patterns.

Duronic ICM12 BK Ice Maker Specifications and Features At A Glance

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Ice Production capacity - Up to 12kgs a day, 8 cubes every 6-8 minutes

Dimensions - 28(D) x 20(W) x 26(H) cm Types of ice - Large and Small Sized Bullet Shaped

Ice Power - 120W

Capacity - 1L Water holding capacity and 1L Ice bucket capacity

User-friendly features - simple control panel, sensor to prevent water overflow, flashing indicators showing low water level and maximum ice level,automatic shutdown when basket is full, drainage system to remove excess water

Durability and ease of maintenance - compact, sleek and lightweight design and a built-in sensor and drainage system

Is It Worth Getting an Ice Maker?

An ice maker is a must-have for those who often have friends over, love their drinks chilled, or need ice for cooking. With an ice maker, enjoy iced lattes, mocktails and drinks without needing to manually remove ice cubes from a tray. It offers convenience, efficiency, and a constant supply of ice in desired sizes and shapes.

The Duronic Countertop Ice Maker Machine ICM12 BK, with its versatile ice production, compact design, and user-friendly features, represents a significant upgrade from traditional ice-making methods. Its ability to produce ice quickly, combined with a sensor to prevent overflow and a self-cleaning function, makes it a practical choice for modern kitchens and offices.


Ice makers have come a long way from when they first appeared to the sleek and efficient models we have today. The Duronic Countertop Ice Maker Machine ICM12 BK exemplifies our increasing demand for convenient and efficient ice production. This machine not only addresses the usual concerns associated with ice makers but also goes beyond expectations with its design, features, and how easy it is to use. Whether you're using it at home, in the office, or for hosting, the Duronic Ice Maker shows how far ice-making technology has come, providing both performance and convenience to meet today's need for ice.


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