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Unlock the Secrets of Healthy Cooking with the Duronic FS95 Food Steamer

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In the quest for healthier eating and cooking methods, the food steamer is a great appliance to help you get started. Among the many options available, the Duronic FS95 Electric Food Steamer stands out, offering a blend of convenience, efficiency, and versatility. This blog delves into the countless benefits of steaming food, the advantages of choosing an electric steamer over traditional methods, and introduces you to a healthy oriental steamed recipe you can easily whip up with the FS95 food steamer.

What are the benefits of being healthy?

Maintaining good health brings a multitude of benefits that enhance our daily lives. Improving health helps develop a stronger immune system making you less susceptible to infections and illnesses. Having a better immune system also reduces the likelihood of developing chronic diseases. By adhering to a balanced diet, engaging in regular exercise, and moderating the intake of sugars and treats, the risk of conditions like heart disease and diabetes significantly decreases.

Moreover, good health contributes to better sleep quality and duration, which is essential for regulating mood, enhancing concentration, and supporting physical recovery. Prioritising health empowers individuals to live richer,more fulfilling lives. A strong immune system and improved sleep are essential elements to ensure a better and higher quality of life.

What Are The Health Benefits of Steaming Food?

Steaming is more than just a cooking method; it's a pathway to a healthier lifestyle. This technique locks in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are often lost in other cooking methods, ensuring your meals are not only delicious but packed with goodness. Steaming maintains the integrity of your ingredients, from vegetables to meat, preserving their natural flavours, colours, and textures. It also eliminates the need for oils, reducing fat intake and making it an ideal choice for those looking to maintain or reduce weight.

Electric Steamer vs. Stovetop Steamer: Which is better?

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When it comes to choosing between an electric and stovetop steamer, the Duronic FS95 food steamer stands out for its convenience and advanced features. Unlike stovetop steamers that require constant attention, this food steamer is equipped with a timer that notifies you when your food is perfectly cooked, freeing you to focus on other tasks. Its electric base eliminates the need for a stove, making it suitable for both kitchens and office settings. With its water gauge, you can easily monitor the water level, ensuring efficient steaming without the risk of drying out. The three tiers offer flexibility in cooking, accommodating varying quantities of food as desired.

In contrast, a stovetop steamer is more intricate and demands continuous supervision. It also provides less flexibility regarding quantity, whether determined by the tiers or the size of the steamer itself. Moreover, the Duronic Electric food steamer includes a rice bowl, allowing for the steaming of rice, bulgur, and other grains, unlike a stovetop steamer, which lacks the capacity to steam rice.

What kind of food can you make in a food steamer?

With a food steamer, the options are endless! Explore a diverse array of textures and flavours from various cultures. From delicate vegetables to mouthwatering seafood, a food steamer provides a flexible cooking technique that locks in nutrients and intensifies tastes. In this blog, we'll be focusing on Oriental cuisine.

Oriental cuisine offers a plethora of steamed recipes that are not only bursting with flavours but are also incredibly healthy. Steam delicate dumplings, succulent fish, and vibrant vegetables all at once. With the Duronic food steamer, you can explore a variety of dishes such as steamed fish with ginger and spring onions, vegetable dumplings, and steamed chicken with mushrooms. The three-tier system allows for cooking multiple ingredients simultaneously, saving time and preserving each ingredient's distinct taste.

Sesame Soy Ginger Fish with Steamed Vegetables and Rice


This recipe offers a delicious and nutritious way to enjoy a balanced meal with the flavours of sesame, soy, ginger, and chilli complementing the delicate taste of the white flaky fish and fresh vegetables.

2 fillets of fish (such as Haddock, Salmon or Cod)
2 tablespoons sesame oil
3 tablespoons soy sauce
1 tablespoon grated ginger
1 teaspoon minced chilli (adjust to taste)
2 cups fresh spinach leaves
1 cup broccoli florets
1 large carrot, julienned
1 cup bean sprouts
1 cup rice
Sesame seeds, for garnish


Prepare the Marinade: In a mixing bowl, combine sesame oil, soy sauce, grated ginger, and minced chilli. Mix well to create the marinade.

Marinate the Fish: Place the white flaky fish fillets into the marinade mixture, ensuring they are evenly coated. Let them marinate for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.

Prepare the Vegetables: Wash and prepare the spinach, broccoli, carrot, and bean sprouts. Set aside.

Prepare the Steamer: Fill the water basket of the Duronic food steamer with water. Place the steamer basket on top.

Arrange the Ingredients: In the first tier of the steamer basket, place the prepared vegetables. In the second tier, place the marinated fish fillets. Use the top tier to steam the rice using the rice bowl provided with the steamer.

Steam Until Cooked: Steam the ingredients until the fish is cooked through and flakes easily with a fork, the vegetables are tender but still crisp, and the rice is cooked.

Assemble the Dish: Once done, take out the rice and place it in a serving bowl. Coat the steamed vegetables with the remaining marinade mixture used for the fish. Arrange the vegetables on top of the rice. Place the cooked fish fillets on the vegetables.

Garnish and Serve: Pour any extra marinade sauce over the fish and vegetables. Sprinkle sesame seeds on top for added flavour and presentation.

Enjoy: Serve the Sesame Soy Ginger Fish with Steamed Vegetables and Rice immediately, and enjoy this healthy and flavorful meal!

More steamed recipes can be found on the BBC good food website :

Why the Duronic FS95 is Perfect for These Recipes

The Duronic FS95 Electric Food Steamer is designed to enhance your cooking experience.

Three Steaming Baskets: Offering the versatility to cook multiple dishes at once, whether it’s an assortment of vegetables, meats, or dumplings, ensuring a balanced meal is ready in no time.

Rice Steaming Bowl: Perfect for cooking fluffy rice or other grains alongside your main dishes, the separate bowl ensures no cross-contamination of flavours.

Timer Function: Ensures precise cooking times, enhancing the texture and flavour of your meals, with a bell that alerts you once your food is ready.

Water Gauge with Light: Makes it easy to check water levels, ensuring uninterrupted steaming for perfectly cooked meals every time.

Detachable Parts and Easy Cleaning: After a delightful meal, the FS95’s detachable parts make cleaning a breeze, ensuring everything is ready for your next cooking adventure.

Who Benefits the Most?


The Duronic FS95 is perfect for individuals who prioritise their health, small families looking to prepare diverse meals without the fuss, and anyone aiming to reduce their intake of fried and greasy foods. Its ease of use, combined with the ability to cook without oil, makes it a valuable asset in any kitchen or office kitchen setup.


With the FS95, the possibilities are endless. From steaming succulent seafood to tender vegetables and aromatic rice, you can embark on a culinary journey that takes you through the heart of oriental cuisine and beyond. The inclusion of a rice bowl and the capacity to steam dumplings offer a gateway to exploring new recipes and flavours without leaving the comfort of your home.

The Duronic FS95 Electric Food Steamer is not just an appliance; it's a partner in your journey towards healthier eating. By choosing this food steamer, you unlock the door to nutritious meals that don't compromise on taste or quality. Whether you're an avid cook or a novice in the kitchen, the FS95 food steamer offers the convenience, versatility, and efficiency you need to embrace the art of steaming. Dive into the world of healthy, flavorful meals with the Duronic food steamer and transform the way you cook and enjoy food.


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