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21st april  -  tea day

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National Tea Day was created in 2016 in the United Kingdom by tea enthusiasts to celebrate the quintessentially British tradition of drinking tea.    
In Great Britain tea has been the beverage of choice for over two centuries. In the past it was enjoyed in a more formal setting, but these days we enjoy having a quick cuppa whenever the fancy take us. Tea can be enjoyed over breakfast, mid-morning with a slice of cake, or even before bed. In fact tea time can literally be anytime we like thanks to the wide variety and availability of leaves and teabags, we can grab a tea-to-go at most cafes.

Often we are too busy to sit down solely to enjoy a cup of tea, but today is the perfect excuse to do just this! To celebrate Tea Day, why not take some time to make your favourite tea just the way you like it. Or why not try a new blend?
If you do decide to try a new blend, don't forget that not all kinds of tea leaves require boiling water at 100°c. There are hundreds of varieties of tea, and for some kinds of blends this boiling water can destroy the taste, antioxidants and natural nutrients. 
To get the best from your blend, try using a variable temperature kettle like the Duronic EK30.  At the touch of a button you can heat water to exactly the right temperature to suit you tea leaves, and if you know you'll want to drink more a bit later, you can use the 'Keep Warm' function to keep the water hot in the kettle for longer. 

"There really is nothing a cup of tea can't fix"  

Tea Making Guide

Tea TypeWater TemperatureSteeping Time
White teas:

65-701-2 minutes
Yellow teas:

70-75°c1-2 minutes
Green teas: 

75-80°c2-3 minutes
Oolong teas:
80-85°c2-3 minutes
Black teas: 

99°c2-3 minutes
Herbal / fruit teas

99°c3-6 minutes

Teas & hot drinks featured in this video

40°c water : Lemon and Honey

60°c water : Green Tea

80°c water : Peppermint Tea

100°c water : Earl Grey Tea, with milk and 1 sugar cube 

The EK30 kettle can even warm water up to an especially lower temperature of 40°c which is ideal for lemon and honey drinks and cold/flu remedy drinks.  

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