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Create the Perfect Romantic Night In

We’re talking big screen home cinema, a romantic and cosy atmosphere and an abundance of delicious homemade snacks. How can you do this we hear you ask? Well whether you’re on a budget or not, you can still create your own home cinema with just a few key things.

The Big Screen

Create the home cinema experience by using a projector and projector screen to view your movies on. Not only does it create a bigger picture to watch but it also changes the atmosphere completely so you actually feel like you are in a cinema! Check out our FFPS velvet frame projector screens or our tripod projector screens which are particularly perfect for a living room setup.

Creative Alternative:
A projector can be quite an investment. If you can't afford a new one, try looking online for a second-hand one. And if you don’t want to invest in a projector screen just yet, you can use a plain white wall or create a screen yourself to project your film onto. You can do this by using recyclable paper (like the back of wrapping paper) and use white-tack to stick it up onto the wall. 

Romantic Lighting

It is so easy to set a romantic scene just with lighting alone. String some LED fairy lights around the room and close the curtains or turn off all the other lights. The room will sparkle and glow in just the right way to create a cosy and intimate atmosphere. You can find some unique LED lights online in the shape of hearts, stars or flowers to add that romantic touch.

Creative Alternative:

Source some basic fairy lights online or get your Christmas ones out of storage! The great thing about fairy lights is that even the most standard lights can create a magical glow around the room.

Sharing Snacks

Sharing food can in itself be a great way to bring you closer on a date night. Why not make a bowl of homemade popcorn that you can both dip into throughout the movie? If you have our POP50 popcorn machine this will be one of the easiest snacks you can prepare! Or for a savoury snack, you could create some air fried chips and dip using our AF1 air fryer.

Creative Alternative:

If you don't have an popcorn machine or air fryer, you can still make these delicious snacks at home! Find a recipe online for making homemade popcorn in a pan, and you can even make homemade chips in the oven :-) 

Get the most for your money  

As we’re spending more time at home now than ever before, this home cinema set up is also a wonderful idea to use all year round. Why not have a weekly family movie night so everyone has something to look forward to?

Everything you need for a big night in...