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4th May  -  orange juice day

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Well known for its high content of Vitamin C, freshly squeezed orange juice is absolutely packed with a whole host of other essential nutrients and vitamins that are vital for supporting a healthy immune system.  
Now more than ever, it is important to boost our immune system in any way we can to help protect ourselves from unwanted colds and viruses. Enjoying a daily glass of this citrusy goodness is the perfect way  to do this.

To celebrate the US national holiday Orange Juice Day, we've put a spin on the classic orange juice drink and created ; the Citrus Burst Juice. Not only does it taste as refreshing as it looks, it also provides a wide variety of daily vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling healthy and on top form.

Give it a go or why not give it your own twist by adding another citrus fruit like lime, bergamot or blood orange. 

Making  the Citrus Explosion Juice drink


2 large oranges

1 grapefruit

4 clementine oranges or satsumas

1/2 lemon


1. Slice each piece of fruit in half.

2. Switch on the juicer.

3. One by one, press down each fruit half onto the top of the juicer. Hold down until all of the juice has been extracted.

4. Once every piece of fruit has been juiced, turn off the juicer. Flip the spout upwards to prevent drips escaping.

5. Give the juice a stir to make sure all it is all mixed well.

Serve chilled or over ice for the ultimate refreshing summer drink.

For a softer version, dilute the juice mix with some water to create a natural squash - a perfect alternative to sugary squash for the kids!

💡  Tip: Why not freeze some of this juice into ice lolly moulds to enjoy on a warm sunny day?
It's a great way to get kids to drink fresh juice and they won't even realise!

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