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Make hot chocolates, mochas, lattes, cappucinos, flat whites, iced coffees, and milkshakes with ease!


Easy to Clean

The stainless-steel jug can be removed from the stand, the attachments unattached and they can be cleaned in the sink along with warm water and soap, just like your cups!

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Hidden Cable Management

Underneath our Milk Frother is a magnificent little hidden area where you can store your two ring attachments when not in use, as well as the power cable; This is perfect for when you want to tuck your Milk Frother away!

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Two Whisk Attachments

Two removable interchangeable whisks are included, allowing you to achieve the desired consistency of your milk. One stirs whilst it warms the milk, whereas the other with the coil ring froths the milk to create a velvety foam!

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Cool-Touch Design

Our Milk Frother is unique as it does not have an exposed heating plate, but rather a jug that sits deep within the stand. This means that while the jug heats up with the milk, the outer body of the jug holder remains cool to touch!

Save Money in the Long Run

Think about all the money spent on pricey coffees from your local cafe. With a Milk Frother, you can replicate these beverages at a fraction of the cost! The initial investment in this can save you a substantial amount in the long run!