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⚽ Get Ready for the Euro Final ⚽

⚽ Warm Up

With some nibbles to set the mood… 
Using an air fryer you could make some homemade nachos. It's easy and quick to make, healthier than shop-bought versions and are delicious served warm straight from the fryer.
Our AF1 air fryer is perfect for making crispy cooked snacks. You can pop in spring rolls, nuggets, tortilla chips or even chicken wings. 

Kick Off ⚽

Celebrate the start of the game by cracking open your favourite drink. To avoid getting up repeatedly during the game why not fill a bucket with ice cubes and have it at easy reach for everyone?

Rather than lug bags of ice home from the store (most likely already half defrosted by the time you get home!) why not try using an ice cube machine like our ICM120. It can churn out an impressive 12kg of ice per 24 hours, so you can make a stock to keep in the freezer ready to use. 

⚽ Half Time

Keep the energy flowing by serving up more tasty food.
Make quick, easy and delicious dishes to share by sticking some pizzas in the oven or popping some chips in the air fryer. Serve with dips to take it up a notch!

Once again our fabulous AF1 air fryer comes in handy to pop something in  to cook for the half time munchie session! 

Through to the Final ⚽

Finish off the match with some celebratory (or commiserating!) ice cream. You can either buy some from the shop or make some yourself with an ice cream maker.

Our IM540 ice cream maker is perfect for making ice cream ahead of the game. Check what your guest's favourite flavours are and you can even cater for everyone's tastes.