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Embrace the Cold: Micathermic Heaters for a Warmer Winter

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How Do Micathermic Heaters Work?

Micathermic heaters permeate a consistent blanket of heat into the surrounding room warming up everything, all whilst utilising its mica panel components. These panels are excellent conductors of heat, and their insulating properties enhance safety and efficiency. The Duronic HV102, for example, rapidly warms up your space by emitting heat in all directions, creating a comfortable and consistent temperature!

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Lightweight Design

The HV102 micathermic heater is lightweight and easy to move. Additionally, it has wheels on one end, which provides an alternative way to relocate it if you cannot lift it
for any reason. 

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The compact size of this mica heater ensures that it is ideal for any home or office.
It also comes with a remote control, so you can adjust the temperature accordingly! 

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Adjustable Temperature

The HV102 heater has an adjustable digital thermostat which allows you to control the temperature of the room. It can be set to anywhere from 5°-36°c and also has an anti-frost function. 
You can also select 2 different levels of heat: 1.5kW / 2.5kW.


How Quickly do Micathermic Heaters Warm Up a Room?

Micathermic heaters are highly efficient in warming up a room. The HV102 takes only one minute to reach full temperature, swiftly warming the surrounding area; making it an excellent choice for quick heating needs.


HV102 Features at a Glance

  • Remote Control & Timer Function - Control the heater conveniently and set a timer for automatic shutoff.
  • Anti-Frost Function - Prevents the room from dropping below freezing. 
  • Over-Heat and Tip-Over Protection - Automatically shuts off in unsafe conditions.
  • Cable Management - Keeps the cord tidy for easy storage and movement.

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