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Day of Unplugging

4th March 2022

Do you always find yourself looking at one screen or another? The TV, phone, tablet, computer or games console? Maybe you do it and don't even notice. As ridiculous as it sounds, it can actually be quite difficult to break free from these screens and devices, even if only for a short time. 

So, with this in mind, to celebrate the official Day of Unplugging, we challenge you to go a WHOLE DAY without using ANY personal devices or screens!
Yes, that's right. No television, no e-Readers, no laptops, no phones, no consoles, no computers - just a whole day where you can carve out some special time to unplug, get active, relax, enjoy the company of friends or family or spend time on your favourite pastime. 
If you're stuck for ideas on how to unplug, we've got a few suggestions for you...

Be Creative in the Kitchen

The kitchen is the main place in the house that people come together. It's warm, bustling, full of activity and brimming with delicious smells which stick in your memory for a lifetime. 

A great way to spend your free time is trying exciting new recipes or, if you're lucky enough to trying to perfect old family recipes have a go at re-creating them. 
If you find yourself on a roll and end up making more than you expected, why not take some of your tasty treats to your neighbours or colleagues at work?

Get in Touch with Nature

If in doubt of something to do, the natural world is always open, costs nothing to enjoy and always has something to offer.

Even if you've visited every place you can think of, there is still enjoyment and benefit to be had from getting out into the fresh air and stretching your legs.

Feeling adventurous? Get on your walking boots and get outdoors to make the most of your Day of Unplugging and connect with nature instead  ;-) 

Visit Friends and Family

Life is so busy that often we forget to spend time with the ones we love. 

Do you have an aunt or grandparent you haven't seen for a while? Why not make an impromptu visit and surprise them. 

Nothing can compare to connecting with loved ones or having a big catch up with friends?

Get the Board Games Out

Tucked away in a dusty cupboard or high up on a shelf somewhere you'll undoubtedly have a collection of board games set aside for a rainy day. But they don't have to be kept for rare occasions like this!

Why not get your favourite games out or try a new one together? It's a great way to get people of all ages to have fun together. 

Loose Yourself in An Adventure

As adults, it's often hard to remember playing make-believe games or even the thrill of the childhood classics Hide-and-Seek or Sardines.

If you have children, you could give them a day to remember! Make a den out of blankets and chairs and pretend its your special hiding place, build a fort in the garden and pretend to hide from pirates or have a tea party with the teddies. The only limit is your imagination!

Dive Head-First into Another World

Nothing beats losing yourself in a good book.
If you enjoy reading, you will know well the feeling of opening a novel and immersing yourself completely in a story.

With day-to-day life being so busy you may not have had time lately to open a book, so today is a great opportunity to re-ignite your love of reading. 

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