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CREATE a workspace that works for you

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Whilst the idea of working from home can be appealing - and let's be honest, it does have many perks - it can also be a real challenge if you're not prepared for it! 
If working from home has been thrust onto you unexpectedly, you will have had to create a new workspace in your home in which to set up your computer or laptop to work from each day. We've seen some crazy and inventive solutions people have come up with; from ironing boards being used as sofa desks, to laptops mounted on top of stacked washing baskets in an effort to create a makeshift standing desk! 
Whether you prefer to work standing or sitting at a desk, working from home doesn't mean you should have to compromise your preferred way to work. For instance, with one of our dynamic workstations or sit-stand desks, you can find your favourite position to work in and also have the option to change it up as and when you feel like it. 

Here are our top 5 tips for creating a great workspace in your home...


   Choose a Space to Set Up

Whilst it might be tempting to work on the sofa or up the dining room table, working up to 8 hours a day seated in this one position looking down at a laptop or poorly positioned monitor can be tiring and very uncomfortable. Even working from bed can get uncomfortable after so long! Not to mention, you will probably get disturbed several times by other members of your household! Even pets like to get in the act.

Whether it's a spare corner in a room or if it does have to be up the dining room table, it is important to choose a space to work in that allows you the space to set up your computer equipment and spread out your work things. If it's in a quiet space away from hustle and bustle,  even better!


   Try to Work with What you Have

You may already have a desk or tabletop free that is already ideal to set up your workspace, and  so may not need to change much or buy anything new to utilise it. Lucky you!

However, if you were unprepared to work from home chances are you may not have your workspace set up as you'd like it.
If you're anticipating or planning to  work at home in your chosen spot for weeks or months ahead, it is important to consider desktop ergonomics; for instance, are you sitting with a good posture, is your screen at the right height and do you have enough leg room?  

You may find you need a new desk or something to adapt the existing space to suit your needs, and that's where we come in to help you achieve this!


   Improve the Space If It Needs It

You may find that you need to make some improvements or additions to the space you've chosen to work in, for instance, if the table is too low or has no legroom.

If you are using the dining room or kitchen table as a makeshift office, try to make it as comfortable as possible for your needs. Use an upright chair, perhaps use a cushion to support your back, and make sure your equipment is at a comfortable and easy reach.

A simple addition of a desk mount for your screen/s or an adjustable support for your laptop can do wonders for your posture and make working at a table or desk much more comfortable. 


   Prioritise Comfort and Wellbeing 

Above all else, being seated at a desk should not have a negative effect on your health. Sitting hunched over a desk with the wrong posture can be bad for your back, neck and overall posture.
If you find you're sat for long periods of time each day, why not give a Sit-Stand desk a go to help add some movement into your working day? 

We offer a wide range of adjustable workstations and sit-stand desks, each with different features so there is something to suit every need and budget too! 

Whether you are working with a laptop, tablet, one monitor, two monitors or multiple screens, we have an ergonomic solution for everyone. 


   Keep it Organised, Tidy and Clean 

Working in a messy or dirty environment can seriously affect your productivity and concentration levels.

Try to get into a routine of doing a quick tidy up every evening when you finish working. Don't allow unwanted papers to pile up, either tidy them away or shred what you no longer need.
And don't forget to give the desk and equipment a good clean about once a week; not only does it make a more pleasurable to work in, but also to keep the area hygienic and free from unwanted germs and bacteria. 

Why not try our SCK101 screen cleaner to keep your computer equipment clean and dust-free. 

Improve your workspace with a little help from Duronic...