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12th september - chocolate milkshake day

We love any excuse to indulge in chocolate... let's face it, who doesn’t?! The 12th September is Chocolate Milkshake Day, a day dedicated to enjoying the chilled creamy drink we all know and love in some form or another.  Did you know that milkshakes got their name from being served in bars? If the customer enjoyed the milkshake, he would shake hands with the bartender. If he didn’t, the bartender didn’t get a tip.

Today we bring you a delicious chocolate milkshake which can be made in two ways depending on what mood you're in, just by simply swapping one ingredient - Chocolate Brownie or Chocolate-Chip Cookie. Both versions are so easy to make, you’ll have to try hard not to make one every day! But which version is tastier we hear you ask? Well, we'll let you be the judge of that!

Using a blender, you can whizz up this chocolately delight within a matter of seconds. And speaking of blenders... another fun fact is that the blender was first invented by a man called Stephen Poplawski in 1922 specifically to make - you guessed it – milkshakes! 


  • 300ml chocolate ice cream
  • 200ml vanilla ice cream
  • 240ml hazelnut milk
  • 2 individual-size chocolate brownies or 3 large chocolate chip cookies
  • Handful of ice cubes

Topping suggestions:

- Squirty cream
- Chocolate syrup
- Chocolate shavings
- Coco powder
- Crumbled chocolate flake  
- Cookie crumbs
- Brownie crumbs


Well this recipe is super easy - you simply add everything into your blender and whizz away until it is well mixed and creamy smooth. 

Don't forget to choose between the chocolate brownies and the cookies - if you add both you may find the milkshake a tad too rich!!

Top your milkshake with whatever you fancy - we went for chopped chocolate pieces. What will you put on yours?   

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