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SMALL BUT MIGHTY VAC: This bagless upright 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner has great suction as both a handheld or upright device with no power lost with whichever accessory you decide to use. It is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre making it an ideal choice for those who find lifting heavy items difficult. Dragging out a cumbersome vacuum for a small mess can be a hassle – but with the VC9 as your second vacuum, you’ll be able to whip it out to catch all of those little messes as and when they happen.
PERFECT FOR SMALL HOMES: The VC9 stick vacuum is ideal for small houses, flats and single rooms like in student accommodation. It is also ideal as a second hoover for a family home as it’s ideal for whipping out to clean up smaller areas of mess. Thanks to its slender design this vacuum takes up very little room and can be stored in the smallest of nooks making it ideal if you do not have much storage space.
CONVERTIBLE UPRIGHT TO HANDHELD: At the touch of a button the VC9 can convert from an upright stick vacuum into a handheld vac in just a matter of seconds. It has a removable dust container that collects all the dust and dirt from the floor inside; it’s transparent so it’s easy to see when the pot is full and can be emptied easily without mess or fuss.