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Stylus Pens IS10W [WHITE] [pack of 10]

A stylus pen like no other. The Duronic IS10 2-in-1 stylus pens are double-ended comprising of a ballpoint pen on one end and a rubber stylus on the other. Highly convenient to have tucked in your bag, they can be used simultaneously between screen and paper so there is no need to lug around a pencil case. Use them when annotating a PDF document, for writing or drawing on a tablet screen, or for getting down to business on your mobile phone. Interchanging between the stylus nib and black ballpoint pen is done by simply turning over the pen.

With eco-friendliness in mind, we designed these pens to have long-lasting rubber tips and to be refillable, so you won’t have to ever throw them away. Using one pen and just refilling it when needed, ensures that no single-use plastic pens go to landfill. You can re-fill the ballpoint pen ink by using Ballpoint Refill D1.