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STEAM MOP YOUR FLOORS: The STM11 steam mop makes light work of grease and dirt on your hard floors; with just a gentle sweep of this steam mop you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily it lifts grime and leaves behind a beautiful clean and dry floor.
BLITZ AWAY GERMS AND BACTERIA NATURALLY: Perfect for allergy sufferers, steam cleaning provides a deep clean that is both effective at cleaning away any nasties and also enables you to do so without harsh cleaning solutions that are full of harmful chemicals.
LIGHTWEIGHT UPRIGHT STEAM MOP: Weighing only 2kg, this steam mop is comfortable for everyone to use and for using for larger cleaning tasks. The lightweight design paired with the dynamically moving mop head make cleaning the floor a fast and easy job
EASY CLEANING: No more scrubbing or working over the same spots – just glide the upright steam mop over the floor and save the elbow grease for another task! The STM11 comes with 3x reusable mop pads. Replacement mop pads are sold separately in packs of 10, search for ‘SMT-SP’.
SPECIFICATIONS: Colour: white. Size: 118x27x14cm / 46.4x 10.6x5.5in. Weight: 2kg. Water tank capacity: 300ml. Power: 1100W. Maximum temperature: 120°. Steam flow rate: 22ml/min. Cable length: 4.5m.