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Electric Stand Mixer SM104 

The Duronic SM104 food mixer is a wonderfully efficient stand mixer that is easy to use and has a variety of accessories to help you complete all your baking and cooking tasks.

The compact and innovative design of the SM104 makes it a great alternative to some of the bulkier and heftier mixers on the market, especially if you are limited worktop space. Made in a timelessly classic black colour with stainless steel elements, the whole mixer unit is sturdy, endurable, well designed and will look the part in any kitchen. It comes with a 4L stainless-steel bowl and three mixing tools which are easy to attach, use, detach and clean.

The number of yummy creations you can make with this mixer is as limited as is your imagination and your recipe book. What will you bake with it? Cakes, biscuits, cookies, flans, muffins, quiches, pies, pancakes, pastry dough, bread dough – whatever you love to bake you can now make with ease using this mixer. Just attach your chosen utensil, add your ingredients, select the speed you need, and away you go!

6 Speed Settings + Pulse

This efficient stand mixer powers through food preparation tasks with 1000W of power. You have the option to choose between 6 speeds to get the motion right for each texture you're mixing, as well as the pulse mode for faster action.

Large Mixing Bowl 

The stainless-steel mixing bowl holds up to 4L, however, we recommend 2L as a maximum to ensure that everything is mixed effectively and nothing is missed out.

Splash Guard Lid

Included is a transparent splash guard to ensure your mixer and worktop stay clean while mixing messy ingredients.

There is a handy hole on the lid which allows you to continue adding ingredients whilst the mixer is running.

Change Attachments Easily 

Simply press the button on the side of the machine to release the arm and lift it up. Attach or detach the utensils as and when you need to, and lower the arm back down to lock it in place again.

Compact Design

The SM104 stand mixer is compact in size measuring just 35cm x 18.5cm (21.8cm wide if you include the bowl).

Functional Base 

Underneath the base of the mixer are 4 suction cup feet which hold the unit steady on the countertop and prevent it from moving around whilst in use.

There is also a handy cable management section which you can wrap excess cable into.

Includes Three Attachments 


A large stainless steel balloon whisk is included to make quick work of all light mixing and gets plenty of air into the mixture.

Whether you’re preparing a delicious cake mixture, a tasty batter, or anything that requires getting air into the mixture; then the whisk attachment is the go-to tool for the job.

Paddle Beater 

For general purpose mixing, beating, folding and combing, this paddle-shaped beater will gently, but thoroughly combine your ingredients in the most efficient way possible.

From cake mixtures, icing and creams to batters, doughs and everything in between; this is the attachment that will see the most use for day-to-day mixing.

Dough Hook 

If you’re a fan of freshly baked bread or homemade pizzas and pies, this die-cast dough hook is the attachment for you.

Do away with the hard work involved in mixing and kneading dough; this uniquely angled hook will gather, combine and knead the dough for you, resulting in a perfect mixture ready for baking.