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FM RADIO with CD PLAYER: FM Stereo Full Digital (PLL) Radio Tuner with Memory Pre-set. CD-Audio and MP3 CD Playback

SPEAKERS: (2 X 1.5W RMS Power Amplified Output). Programmable CD player/CD-R readable. Blue backlit display

USB and SD CARD READER: USB (1.1 & 2.0) slot to play files from you external pen drive. SD card slot built in for MP3 Playback from saved files. Digital Clock with alarm function.

SMARTPHONE: 3.5mm built in Headphone Jack. Aux-In 3.5mm jack to connect and play from your MP3/mobile phone.

HEADOHONE SOCKET: Headphone jack to enable you to listen in private or without distraction. A contemporary designed unit to look the part in any location.