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The Duronic MG1600 comes with a powerful motor that can achieve a maximum wattage of 1800W. With this power you can quickly and easily turn your meat cuts into healthy mincemeat in no time at all. With the MG1600, you wont have to worry about the level of fat in your mince any more as you are in full control of making your ingredients. Knowing exactly what's going into your food is always the healthiest option!

Creating your own mince, sausages and kibbeh has never been easier with the Duronic MG1600. This powerful and easy to use mincer will ensure that you can create perfect mince for every cooking occasion. The fine, medium and course mincing discs let you mince all cuts of meat in a matter of minutes. Designed for easy use and assembly, the Duronic multi use mincer will give you endless menu ideas for any occasion.

The Powerful 1800W MAX motor will mince all cuts of meat using the three mincing discs included. The MG1600 is so easy to use with its simple control panel and easy switch operation. It has electronic operation buttons, with reverse button for clearing all meat out of the machine.

Making your own mincemeat at home is now easier and healthier with the Duronic MG1600 meat grinder. Create delicious, gourmet sausages using either of the sausage attachment.

It comes with a meat pusher, 3 mincer disks, sausage maker and a kebbe maker attachment. It has a stainless steel body to give it a sleek look whilst remaining extremely durable. Please note: This model is for home use only, its is not suitable for commercial use. The parts and attachments are not suitable for dishwasher cleaning.