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You can gain an accurate measurement of your luggage weight before travelling with these compact, easy to use luggage scales. Measures in both kg and lb for your convenience. This small but very important step will help you save time and money at the airports. It is important to make sure your luggage bag / trolley bag / cabin bag / travel bag / hand bag are all the correct size and weight before you travel.All airlines are looking ways to make money from passengers, excess baggage is one of the main ways to make this revenue. All airlines have weight restriction, you must take greater care when travelling with budget airlines such as Ryanair air or Easyjet as their baggage allowance in general are lower then airlines like British airways. Make this scale be part of your holiday essentials along with you sun cream, travel adaptor and travel lock.This scale has been designed so its user friendly, comfortable grip designs incorporated so it`s easy to use. Digital display is located on top of the scales so you do not need to bend down nor lift the luggage higher to see the weight. there is quality scales built into this model to make it a reliable. This scale will accurately measuring bags and luggage`s up to 50KG in weight. You can measure in kg and lb for your convenience.Batteries included (2 X AAA) to get you going. ON/OFF sturdy button built in so you can make sure it switches off when not required. Batteries are easily available and easy to replace on the unit. The usage time on the unit depends on the battery quality used, but this reliable model will get you to your destination and back home many times before you even need to consider changing the battery.Luggage strap made of the highest quality material we have found so you do not need to worry about the straps breaking when there is a 50kg bag on it. With Metal clips and woven nylon this strap is built to last, so you can use it over and over again.