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Centrifugal Electric Juicer JE7C 


If you want to eat (and drink) a little healthier, juicing is one of the easiest and simplest ways to add some extra nutrition to your diet. While the thought of juicing at home can be a little daunting, it's actually a lot easier than you might think, especially with the Duronic JE7C juicer. Once you get going with this incredible juicer, you will wonder why you didn’t start making homemade juice sooner!


Making fresh juice is easy to do, better for your health and also better for the environment as you save on accumulating unnecessary cartons and bottles from processed shop-bought juices. Instead of picking up bottles of juice, choose a selection of your favourite fruit and vegetables for your juicer. With the extra-wide feed chute, most fruit and vegetables can be inserted into the machine whole or only halved with a knife, so preparation time is kept to a minimum, allowing you more time to get on with the rest of your day.

Not only will juicing at home save you time, it will also save you money. Buying freshly-squeezed juice at a juice bar or the supermarket isn’t cheap, and the cost of subscriptions to cleansing programs and detox diets can be quite high and hard to keep up with in the long-term. Creating homemade juice yourself is a great way to avoid spending unnecessarily on store-bought pre-made processed drinks, and the best part is that you are in complete control of what goes into them.

Beyond the convenience and financial benefits, the best benefit of freshly squeezed juice is the boost it will give to your health and well-being. As it is made purely of fresh fruit and vegetables, it's highly nutritious and packed with natural vitamins and minerals. You can create your own concoction or follow recipes you’ve discovered online; with some experimentation, you are sure to find a tasty combination to add to your daily routine!

Homemade juice is freshly squeezed just moments before you drink it, it tastes pure and bursting with natural flavours. It also keeps all of its natural nutrients, which is a big reason why so many people have now converted to home juicing.

Home juicing is fun, affordable, convenient, healthy, and delicious! Even the whole family can get involved: it’s never been easier to get kids to have their 5-a-day.


With the Duronic JE7C centrifugal juicer, you can make short work of extracting all of the juice out of your chosen fruits and vegetables, often with little preparation time needed and a quick easy clean up afterwards. This juicer works by using a flat cutting blade inside a rapidly spinning straining basket. The cut-up fruit is pushed through the mesh basket by the centrifugal force, which makes the juice drain from the other side into a collection jug. The micro-mesh filter in the JE7C reduces the amount of heat transferred to the juice when compared to similar juicers, ensuring that your juice maintains a high level of natural nutrients.

Compact and contemporary in design, this juicer will stand pride-of-place in your kitchen. With its smooth stainless-steel body and transparent lid assembly, this juicer not only looks good but is also super convenient to use on a daily basis.

JE7C Features

Healthy Living Made Easy  

Whether you are already a juicing pro or just embarking on a healthier lifestyle, this juicer will help you meet your daily targets with ease. It is the ideal companion for embarking on a diet to lose weight, get fitter, recover from illness or just get the spring back in your step.

With almost no food preparation required, the JE7C will quickly produce fresh, tasty and nutritious juice which the whole family can enjoy. Using only fresh fruit and vegetables packed with natural nutrients, you’ll find it’s never been easier getting your daily recommended vitamins and minerals.

Powerful and Safe to Use  

Built with a powerful 800W motor, it efficiently extracts juice without loud noise and with little effort required aside from pushing the fruit into the feed tube.

With safety being our main priority, this juicer has been designed to have a non-drip spout which can be twisted and locked into an "off" position to stop the juice flowing, and a safety locking arm that can be lifted up to clip and hold the whole machine together.

Large Capacity  

Unique to this model, the feeding chute is extra wide ( 85mm in diameter ), which means you can fit whole apples, pears and other fruits in without having to cut them up first.

With a generous-sized integrated pulp ring and a 1 litre juice jug, there is no need to stop in the middle of juicing to empty the containers. Just juice as much as you need and fill up the jug. When you are finished, empty the pulp ring and jug, and wash by hand with warm soapy water. It really is that simple!

Compact Design  

This juicer is different from our other models because of its compact upright design; all the juicing parts are integrated into the main body of the machine, which means it is easier to use and takes up less space on your worktop.

Inside the JE7C is a uniquely designed stainless-steel mesh ring which filters the fruit pulp, allowing only pure smooth juice to flow directly into the jug.

For your peace of mind, we have ensured that all plastic parts of this juicer are BPA-free and the metal parts are stainless-steel.

2 Speed Settings  

The JE7C centrifugal juicer has two speed settings: 10,500RPM and 12,5000RPM: this allows you to stay in control of the juicing process and work at your own pace.

Unlike masticating juicers, the centrifugal motion and cutting blades paired with the powerful motor, make short work of getting the absolute most goodness from your fruit and vegetables.

Easy to Clean  

The whole juicer comes apart very easily; once you have finished making juice, remove the parts to wash. To do this, simply un-click and lower the safety handle, lift off the clear top/feeding tube and the pulp bowl. All of the parts come away effortlessly and can be put back together again just the same. Wash every part in warm soapy water and leave to dry fully before re-assembling for the next use.

The base of the machine can only be wiped clean with a damp (well wrung) cloth and then dried.