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GET A COMFORTABLE NIGHTS SLEEP: Using a humidifier at night has been proven to help keep sinuses clear, unblock stuffy noses, reduce snoring and prevent your skin from drying out as they normally would when you have a cold. The cool mist alone can help a great deal, but you can also add an essential oil to the aroma tray to boost the effects. For blocked sinuses try eucalyptus, tea tree, rosemary, lavender or thyme essential oil; you only need a few drops to create a wonderful scented mist.

ROTATING 360° COOL MIST: Unique in design, this humidifier has a spout that can be rotated 360° degrees which allows you to direct the cooling mist in the direction you need. This adaptable feature is especially useful as it means you do not have to keep moving/turning the machine around to change the direction of the mist. There is an adjustable dial on the HR3L which allows you to control the flow of the steam so that it can be set anywhere between minimum and maximum.

ULTRASONIC QUIET OPERATION: The ultrasonic technology in the HR3L ensures that this clever machine works away quietly in the background to ease dry air discomfort. It works by using ultrasonic vibration to break down the water into tiny particles and then disperses them into the air. At the same time the intricate filtration system controls the level of moisture being added into the atmosphere. It works so quietly that it is ideal for bedrooms and can even be used even in a baby’s bedroom.

SUPPORTS BETTER HEALTH: The HR3L gently adds moisture into the air and can provide a welcome relief for can help to ease the symptoms of dry skin, dry eyes, coughs, colds, congested sinuses and allergy symptoms. An additional side-benefit of keeping the atmosphere from being too dry is that it can benefit wooden furniture which often cracks when it’s in a dry atmosphere; using a humidifier to maintain a good atmosphere keeps it in good condition and prolongs its life.

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS: The HR3L humidifier has an automatic shut-off mode that detects when the water tank runs empty, so you can leave it on at night in the safe knowledge it will turn off safely. The machine has a removeable washable filter, a transparent tank window so you can keep check of the water level and an easy-carry handle. Mist time: approximately 12 hours. Power: 25W. Size: 23x16.5x16.5cm. 3L water tank. CE approved.