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3-WAY MOSQUITO LANTERN: Designed to be versatile, you can use this light in 3 ways:

1) as a stand-alone lamp,

2) as a UV fly zapper

3) combine both the two modes to use as both a lamp and bug catcher simultaneously.

The UV light effectively lures mosquitoes, crane flies, house flies, gnats, midges and horse flies, then eliminates them with an electric shock. The lamp is cylindrically shaped to provide 360° protection from all flying pests.

ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: Choose between 3 levels of brightness: low 20%, medium 50% and high 100%. Because of it’s adjustable settings, this allows the light to function as a night-light, regular light or a particularly dazzling light for those dusky/foggy nights. You can also use the ultraviolet bug zapper during the day without the lamp light. The ultraviolet light has a wavelength of 360-400nm which works like a magnet for mosquitoes and other critters covering an area of around 16ft.

PORTABLE WITH HANGER: Thanks to the clever design, this lantern can be placed just about anywhere. The retracting hanging hook enables you to hang it from a tree, camping tent or fence post. If you wish to stand the light on a flat surface simply fold down the hook and turn the lantern upside down. Additionally, this lantern is small and lightweight making it convenient to take along on your travels or even use around the home.

WATERPROOF AND EASY TO CLEAN: Raining outside? Not a problem with this efficient lantern. Thanks to its highly waterproof IPX6 body, the FKUSB withstands rain perfectly, and it can be cleaned directly with running tap water, so it would look like new after every wash. It can be used indoor and outdoors, wherever you need a solution for pesky flying insects or just an extra lamp to light up an outdoor area.

SPECIFICATIONS: Rechargeable by USB cable (included). Full charge takes 3 hours. Integrated rechargeable battery: 2000mAh/3.7V. Waterproof design. Levels of lamp light: high (100%) 180 lumens, medium (50%) is 90 lumens, low (20%) is 30 lumens. UV wave length: 360-400nm. Dimensions: 13cm x 9cm. Environmentally safe. No fumes, no smell, no sprays, no chemicals, no mess. Toxic-free and pollution-free which means it’s 100% safe for humans and pets.