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Electric Blender  BL1200T 

You spoke and we listened. At Duronic one of the most important things for us is listening to what our customers have to say. We genuinely love feedback as it helps us to develop even better products for you.

The previous model of this blender had a glass jug, and while it was a preference for many customers to have a glass jug, we found that some customers experienced difficulty with using the blender for hot food such as soup, which often resulted in the glass jug cracking under the heat and pressure. Additionally, the glass jug was quite heavy for some.

Our new and improved model has been re-designed and tested rigorously to ensure that we have resolved the issues the previous blender had. And this time it’s even better than the old version. Here is why:

The BL1200T now has a 1.8L Tritan jug which means that:

· - It’s BPA-free (free from Bisphenol A (BPA) & other Bisphenol compounds such as Bisphenol S (BPS)

· - It's super strong and durable (knocks, bumps and scrapes won’t mark or break this jug)

· - Is impact resistant (if dropped it won’t shatter like a glass jug would)

· - It has exceptional dishwasher durability (it won’t go misty like some plastics can)

· - It's much lighter than glass making it more accessible and easier to use

Other Features:

It has an automatic cleaning function which is very easy to use: simply add some water and a drop of washing-up liquid to the dirty jug, switch on to ‘auto clean’ mode and voila, a clean jug!

Additionally, the jug is dishwasher safe, so if you prefer to clean it this way, you can. The blades can be removed if you wish to give the jug a more intensive clean.

Please be aware: if you are going to mix hot food/liquids, like soups or sauces, blend them in small batches. Don’t over fill the blender jug otherwise as with all blenders, the steam could make the lid pop off during blending. 

BL1200T Features

Smoothie Mode  

Use the smoothie mode to create shakes, sauces, coulis, batters, gravy stocks and purees.

Making smoothies and soups is a brilliant way of using over-ripe fruit and veg to save it going to waste. It’s a great way of wasting less, getting more of the good stuff inside you whilst saving money! What is not to love? 

Auto-Cleaning Function  

Ideal for those who use their blender regularly, the BL1200T has an auto-clean function which allows you to clean the jug with very little work needed. Simply add some water and washing-up liquid, press the auto-clean button and watch as the blender cleans itself. When it's finished, simply rinse out and leave to dry.

When storing the jug, remember to leave the lid off to allow the jug and blade to properly dry and not trap any moisture. 

Ice Crush Mode  

Ideal for smoothies and cocktails, the ice crushing mode will pulverise ice cubes into smaller pieces creating a crushed texture.

Crushed ice is perfect when added to summer drinks and also ideal for when you want to fill a champagne bucket to keep a bottle cool. 

Durable 1.8L Tritan Jug  

The BL1200T's jug has a large capacity of 1.8 litres, allowing it to be used for both small and larger recipes without having to work in batches.

We have improved the design of our jug by having it made from Tritan; a strong durable and BPA-free plastic. Tritan looks looks just as sophisticated as glass but is lighter weight, heat, chip and crack resistant and can be washed in the dishwasher. 

Removable Blade for Deep Cleaning  

The auto-clean function is ideal after frequent use, however, periodically you will need to ensure the the jug has a thorough deeper clean.

The blade on the BL1200T is fully removable, allowing you to clean all the small spaces on the jug as well as the blade more thoroughly. Use the spanner provided to remove the blade and put it back on again afterwards. 

Easy to Clean  

To ensure your blender has a long and happy life, remember to periodically remove the stainless-steel blade and wash by running under hot water. It's simple to do with the spanner tool provided, just twist and the blade pops out easily.

After cleaning, ensure the blade is thoroughly dry before putting it back in the jug again.