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Duronic Electric Blender BL102

Summer is coming and with the warm sunshine comes cravings of cold refreshing beverages that remind us of holidays in the sun. Even if you aren’t lounging by the poolside you can still enjoy the taste of summer by making mouth-watering delicious smoothies in your own kitchen.

A great way to make fresh healthy drinks on demand is by investing in a blender: once you have one, you’ll never want to be without it! Unlike a juicer, a blender liquidises all parts of the fruit ensuring you receive all the nutrients that nature intended. The ninja-sharp blades cut through seeds, pulses and nuts and blend them thoroughly into juice, with and impeccable a smooth texture.

Duronic offer an affordable alternative to the premium blenders on the market; the BL102 is a fast, high powered blender that will do a great job without breaking the bank. Made with a contemporary design this curvaceous stainless-steel blender with traditional glass jug will add a touch of class to any kitchen counter, as well as becoming a fundamental feature the whole family can enjoy. The BL102 has a stainless-steel double action blade that cuts through food both vertically and horizontally. The vortex action of the super sharp blades efficiently blends food leaving no chunks or lumps behind.

Easy to Clean
To ensure your blender has a long and happy life, remember to periodically remove the blade and wash by running under hot water. To pop the blade out, simply twist it around from the bottom. It is important to ensure that the blade is thoroughly dry before putting it back in the jug again.

All parts, except the motor unit, are dishwasher safe. The blade can be removed if you wish to do a deep cleaning of the whole jug.

Hot Liquids

Please be aware; if you are going to mix hot food/liquids like soups or sauces, wait for them to cool, so that they are not piping hot and blend them in small batches. Don’t over fill the blender jug, otherwise, as with all blenders, the pressure from the steam could make the lid pop off during blending.

PLEASE NOTE: Please note this blender is for home use and not for commercial purposes.

REMEMBER: when mixing warmer liquids, do not then put very cold liquids into the jug: it may cause the glass to crack. Always allow the jug to cool down before adding cooler liquids.

BL102 Features


Use the crush ice mode to break ice cubes down ready to add to your favourite summer drinks.

In the summer months it's all about the icy beverages; slushies, cocktails, mocktails, freezing cold milkshakes and smoothies, and even iced coffee.

Crushed ice is also useful for cooling bottles in the summer or to serve seafood.


How about having a go at making your favourite dip at home? Guacamole, houmous, salsa, or a cream and chive dip.

The BL102 will chop, blend and puree to make the consistency you desire. It's so quick and easy, you can even make homemade baby food for your little ones.


Use the pulse mode to really blend down greens and tougher ingredients into a smooth consistency.

Making smoothies and soups is a great way to use over-ripe fruit and veg. It’s a great way of wasting less, getting more of the good stuff inside you and saving money!


The BL102 has a generously-sized solid glass 1.5L jug which ensures that you can make the amount you need in one go instead of having to work in batches.

Contemporary in design, it has an ergonomic handle designed to be comfortable to hold while pouring.


The power dial allows you to vary the speed of the blades, to ensure you achieve the desired consistency. The control dial has a colourful LED light that turns up when in use.

As an extra safety feature, the blender will not work until the jug is locked securely in place.


Cleaning your machine couldn't be easier. Simply remove the blade from the base of the jug and run under warm water. The jug and lid can then be washed in the sink or dishwasher.